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10 Dream of Roses Meanings

So, last night you dreamt about roses and woke up wondering what it could mean? Flowers generally have a positive and friendly meaning related to our mental and emotional state.

Talking of flowers, roses are a universal symbol of romance, femininity, beauty, love, and affection. Dreaming about roses reveals details of your romantic life and how you deal with relationships, emotions, and life’s challenges.

Therefore, these dreams can symbolize passion, courage, betrayal, fidelity, jealousy, infidelity, disagreement, and tenderness, among others. When we talk about dreams of roses, color plays a particular role in the interpretation of the dream.

There are roses of many colors, and they all have special meanings; for example, the white rose is related to purity, while the red one is associated with passion. So, try to remember the color of the rose, its aroma, the location where you found it, or the person that gave it to you.

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Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Roses

1. You Have a Secret Admirer

If you had a dream of a bouquet of roses, that means that you probably have a secret admirer, or someone will declare their love for you in the near future. Generally, seeing a bouquet of roses in a dream is a good sign implying some celebration and happiness.

We usually receive a bouquet of flowers during festive and joyful events such as weddings, graduation, and birthdays. Therefore, it can also mean that you will be pleasantly surprised in your romantic life.

Maybe, the person that will reveal their hidden feeling for you is your secret love interest. But, on the other hand, this dream may be a sign that you subconsciously hope that something pleasant will happen to you sometime soon.

If you are single, you may want to have a significant other despite your opposite claims. According to Sigmund Freud, the unconscious mind, which he calls the id, expresses itself in dreams to resolve repressed and unwanted emotions, experiences, and fears.

2. It is a Sign of Potential Heartache

If you had a dream about a dead rose, it denotes heartache, pain, and emotional instability. If you are in a relationship, it can be a sign of bad luck that, in the future, you will experience some issues that can lead to a breakup.

When we start a relationship, we usually notice some quirks or habits of our significant other that seem problematic, but we ignore them or think we can fix them or get passed them.

However, people often break up due to those initially small things or habits that they thought they could change. So, if you have suppressed anger or resentment toward your partner, now is the time to share it.

You may get into an argument, but it is vital that you share your thoughts and emotions so you can change and better them.

3. You Have Problems in Your Relationship

Some people dream about seeing or picking a rose that suddenly dries or starts wilting. What can this mean? According to dream experts, seeing a wilted or dried rose in your dream reveals underlying issues in your relationship.

The rose that suddenly wilts in your dream can represent your romantic life but also denote your other achievements or goals. So even though dreams about roses are usually connected with love life, they can provide details about your character and attitude.

The rose may be symbolic of your recent professional conquest, and the dream shows your fear of failing and coming short.

4. You Have Underlying Anger

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Dreaming about a burning rose denotes that the dreamer is experiencing strong emotions in real life, usually harmful in the sense of being obsessed with someone or something. Generally, it is believed that seeing a burning rose shows one’s emotional state.

If you have been in love with someone for a more extended period and have problems with confidence and generally approaching people, you might see a burning rose because your patience is running out, and you feel you are missing out.

Maybe your secret has found a boyfriend or girlfriend, which causes this anger and frustration you cannot express in real life.

5. Someone Might Fall Ill

Depending on the context, dreaming about dead roses or white roses can also symbolize a severe illness. When people see a white rose in their dream and have bad feelings about it, that dream is not a good sign.

Seeing anything die or wilt in your dream denotes issues that can be romantic, professional, or related to health. Therefore, seeing a black rose also is a sign of illness, sadness, and grief. In addition, it can mean that someone you love will become sick.

That can be your significant other but also a family member. On the other hand, a black rose can also signify an unpleasant event, such as losing something or making a mistake.

6. You Care About Your Partner

If you had a dream of a baby rose, that is usually a delightful and cheerful dream, which is a confirmation of your love for your partner. It is a way of informing your subconscious mind that you are deeply in love and genuinely care about your partner.

It also signifies the small gestures and acts of kindness you perform for your partner. But, on the other hand, this dream can be interpreted as a sign to pay more attention to your partner, depending on the context.

Your subconscious mind can manifest as a baby rose because you feel you should do more for your partner and not take them for granted. Unfortunately, we often let ourselves go into a long-term relationship, so we pay attention to this potential issue.

7. Rejection

Roses represent love and romance, but different scenarios can also symbolize grief and rejection. Although rejection is normal in life, many of us do not handle it well. Instead, we take it personally and start doubting ourselves, our actions, and our abilities.

If you have a dream about eating roses, there is a chance that you will be rejected in the near future. Similarly, this dream can denote potential suffering from unrequited love and a very unpleasant exchange with your hidden love interest.

If the rejection is something you fear and have issues handling, it is vital that you shift your perspective, pay attention to your inner critic, practice self-compassion and develop a thicker skin.

Yes, it is easier said than done, but rejection is a common part of every aspect of our lives, so it is better to learn how to deal with it.

8. You Are Fearful

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The dream of a yellow rose is generally seen as a symbol of the fear of having an unfortunate development in your love life. It means that deep down, you are either unsure of yourself or your partner.

Perhaps, you have subconsciously noticed changes in his behavior, and you might believe they are cheating on you. But, on the other hand, it can also mean that you are unsure of your partner; maybe he suggested something long-term, and that notion scares you.

You may also have doubts about your partner or believe you are currently talking cross purposes and have trouble finding a mutual language. On the other hand, maybe you fear that your partner will break up with you and suggest friendship.

9. You Struggle in Your Relationship

Dreaming about the rose bush or rose thorns signifies loneliness in your current relationship and investing much more than your current partner. Subconsciously you believe that your needs are not being met, and you feel outplayed in a way.

Obviously, you are not receiving the same effort, making you doubt your entire relationship and what your partner feels for you. If you had a dream of picking a rose and its thorns pricking you, that is another sign that your relationship might be headed south.

On the other hand, this dream might signify that you have been thinking about some other people and secretly thinking about replacing your partner due to his lack of interest in you.

10. A New Love

Suppose you had a dream about pink roses or fragrant roses that symbolizes a new love on the horizon and a new beginning. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised in the following period of your life.

You never know who you may meet, but there is always a possibility that a special someone might be already in your close circle of friends, but you are just unaware of it.

However, if you are currently in a relationship, this dream can reveal your inner fear about your partner. Maybe you subconsciously want to replace them, or your relationship has been dull, and you yearn for some passion and excitement.


Dreaming about roses, rose petals, gardens, and other flowers is generally a good omen unless the flower is dying or wilting.

Therefore, spiritually we relate roses with friendship, passion, romance, betrayal, regret, a new love, problems in relationships, and illness. If you experience these dreams often and want to interpret them correctly, the color of the rose is significant.

The spiritual meaning of the colors can also help you with the interpretation. So always think about the details you see and whether they have a particular purpose!

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