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20 Dream of Birds Meanings

Birds can manifest in your dreams in a variety of ways. They can appear in different colors (such as red or yellow) or perform a specific action (such as flying or eating.) Furthermore, they can interact with your dream self in such a way.

And depending on these scenarios, your dream of birds can mean any of these things:

20 Dream of Birds Meanings1

What Do Bird Dreams Mean For Your Personal Life

1. You Feel Alone

If you dream of a sole bird being trapped in a cage, then this is a reflection of what you feel in your real life. You feel alone, even if friends and family surround you.

The problem is you tend to isolate yourself from them.

Remember: no man is an island. Try to reach out to them, for they’ll surely want to reach out to you too!

2. Love Yourself

Green birds are all about acceptance. So if you’re feeling out of whack lately, this dream is here to remind you to love yourself more.

Don’t deny yourself what you deserve. So go ahead, treat yourself, and have that long-postponed ‘me’ time.

3. Unlock Your Potential

If you keep on dreaming about purple birds, then it means that something inside you remains untapped. You may be a naturally gifted speaker or writer, but you haven’t discovered this talent yet.

As such, you need to take some time to explore your hidden potential. It will take you places!

4. Learn Something New

Black birds have always been linked with hardship or sickness. But for some people, this dream can bring good advice.

For one, it means it’s time for you to learn something new.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to bake, paint, or what have you, it’s time for you to do it. It comes with a different feeling of liberation, you know!

If you dream of birds flying down, then it means you’ll have the creativity that will get your juices flowing. And if you dream of red birds, then it means you’ll have the courage and energy you need to accomplish all these exploits.

Sooner or later, this fresh skillset will lead to a refreshing new start in your life.

5. New Opportunities Will Come

Speaking of a new start, dreaming about a bird flying up means new opportunities will come your way.

You may feel stuck right now, but you’ll be moving up – just like the bird you dreamt of – soon. It’s just a matter of taking hold of the new friendships and beautiful chances that come your way.

6. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A dream about injured birds reflects the insecurity you harbor deep inside. You worry too much about what other people think. As such, this is hindering you from unlocking your true potential.

The same can be said about a dream of dead birds. These deceased baby birds represent the sorrow you feel in your waking life.

Although it’s easier said than done, you need to focus on yourself – rather than the people around you. Should they say something bad, know that it’s your opinion that matters the most.

7. You’ll Rise Above it All

A white bird is a sign of good luck. It represents simplicity and purity, which is why this dream means you’ll rise above it all.

The same interpretation can be taken from a flock of birds dying. Although it seems terrible, it means that all your problems will soon come to an end.

If the obstacles in your life right now seem never-ending, worry not, for you’ll get through them soon. But for this to happen, you need to stop moping around first. Instead, you should channel your energies into overcoming these challenges.

20 Dream of Birds Meanings2

8. Everything Will Turn Out Right

Blue birds are deemed a sign of good fortune. After all, this dream means everything in your life will turn out fine – socially, financially, etc.

So if you’re thinking of taking a risk, then go! Lady luck is smiling upon you, so make the most of this opportunity.

9. You’ll Have Fun

Yellow birds are fantastic dream signs as well. They represent the joyous times that lie ahead.

You’ll have fun with the people you love, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot on it. So if you’re planning to have a budgeted vacation with family and friends, do it now, for it’ll yield lots of fond memories!

10. Focus on Your Spirituality

Perhaps you’ve been too busy that you’ve forgotten about your spirituality. That’s why you’re dreaming of birds – black birds in particular.

The same can be said if you’re dreaming of attacking birds. They reflect the conflicting feelings you harbor towards your spirituality.

Likewise, the same context can be derived when you dream of a bound or caged eagle. It means that you feel cut off from your spirituality.

While many view these dreams as bad omens, they serve as a reminder for some. They’re telling you to work on your spirituality once again.

Remember: focusing on your spirituality does not solely refer to visiting a house of worship, although it’s one way to do so. Sometimes, simple acts such as journaling or meditation do the trick.

What Do Bird Dreams Mean For Your Love Life

1. You’ll Meet Someone

If you dream about yellow birds, your subconscious is telling you that you’ll meet someone soon. In fact, this relationship may blossom at the most unexpected time or place. As such, you need to get your heart ready!

2. You’ll Experience Intense Passion

Red birds have always been associated with desire. Expectedly, this dream means that you’ll lose your innocence soon.

Perhaps you’ll find a special someone with whom you’ll feel much affection – and passion. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself entwined in a sensual and red-hot relationship!

3. You Wish to Control Someone

If you dream of severing a bird’s wings, it represents your desire to control your partner. You’re stopping them from flying, so to speak.

Remember: if you love someone, then you should set them free.

4. Your Relationship Will Be Stronger Than Ever

If you’re in a relationship and you dream of blue birds, then your partnership will be full of honesty and loyalty. Nothing – or no one – will get in the way of your partnership.

Who knows? You might even get married in the near future!

5. Your Relationship Will Be on the Rocks

Although red birds bring a lot of fizz to single people, it can bode some bad news for couples. It’s the color of dishonesty, after all.

This means that you may cheat on your partner – or vice-versa. As this will be a testing time in your life, you need to be prepared!

6. Your Relationship May End

Sadly, being eaten by a bird means your relationship may come to a bitter end. It may also point towards a ‘rough patch’ that you and your partner may need help to overcome.

So if you’re determined to make things work, let go of your pride. Apologize to your partner, especially if you’re in the wrong.

20 Dream of Birds Meanings3

What Do Bird Dreams Mean For Your Professional Life

1. You’ll Get That New Job/Promotion

If you dream of blue birds or yellow birds, it means good news at the employment forefront. Your boss or potential employer will recognize the talents and skills you have.

So if you’re applying for a new job or a promotion, a bird dream means you’ll most likely get it.

2. You’ll Succeed

If you’re feeding birds in your dream, this is an excellent sign for your professional life. It means that you’ll succeed in your endeavors.

Your project at work will pan out and give you the acclaim you deserve.

Your business will take off – and clients will rave over your products/services.

And, in case you specifically dream of feeding the birds with bread, then it means you’ll win over your professional enemies. A co-worker or similar business may be trying to bring you down, but they won’t prevail.

All in all, your dream means that good things are about to grace your life.

3. You’ll Make a Fortune

If you dream of catching a bird, it’s a sign that you’ll make money – and lots of it. So whether you’re playing the lottery or running a new enterprise, it means you’ll strike gold soon.

4. Something Bad May Happen

Although most bird dreams bring good financial news, a dream about hunting birds or being eaten by birds proves the opposite. It signifies that something terrible may happen to your work or business.

If you’re applying for a new job or a promotion, you may not get it. If you’re handling a business, then it may struggle financially.

Although this dream is more or less a bad omen, you’ll weather this storm. Just have faith in yourself!


Dreams offer a lot of interpretations. And depending on the types or colors of birds, the message can bode well (or not) for your personal, professional, or love life.

Have you dreamed of birds as well? What do the meanings mentioned above say about it? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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