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12 Dream Of A Plane Crash Meanings

Did you dream about a plane crash recently? If so, you’re not alone. Many people, some of whom have never set foot on a plane, have nightmares about plane crashes. Although terrifying, these airplane crash dreams can offer some valuable insights into what goes on in your unconscious mind.

In real life, airplane crashes are rare, with only 76 occurring in the US since 1970. Although infrequent, these events are incredibly tragic, leaving scores of people dead and many more with severe injuries. As such, many people are inclined to think that plane crash dreams are simply a reflection of our anxieties about flying.

However, dream experts believe there’s more to these dreams than fear or worry. Rather, they see plane crash dreams as a way for your subconscious mind to alert us to issues going on in your waking life. These issues may include unresolved conflicts in your personal relationships, deep-seated insecurities, and much more.

So what do dreams of planes crashing mean? Well, keep reading to find out.

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What Does It Mean to Dream About a Plane Crash?

1. You Have Set Unachievable Goals for Yourself

Did you witness a plane crashing right in front of you in your dreams? If so, there’s a high chance you’ve set some unrealistic goals in your waking life. And while it’s important to dream big, it’s equally important to be realistic when setting these goals.

If you’ve been pushing yourself too hard in pursuit of your dreams and ambitions, try to take some time to relax and rejuvenate. This will give you the space and mental clarity you need to set more achievable, yet still ambitious, goals for yourself.

2. You Need to Work a Lot Harder

Hard work is imperative to success in any venture, but sometimes the effort you put into your life isn’t enough to get you a breakthrough. Dreaming of a plane crashing into your home or any other building is a sign that you need to work even harder.

You’ll almost certainly face a few obstacles and setbacks on your path to success. But rather than becoming frustrated and giving up, channel that energy into working even harder. With a little more effort, you’ll be able to overcome your obstacles and achieve the dream you’ve always wanted.

3. You’re Going Through a Difficult Phase

Did your dream involve being the passenger in a crashing airplane? If so, it means that you’re currently going through a challenging time in your waking life. Perhaps you feel stuck in a toxic relationship, or maybe you’ve recently lost your job and are struggling to find a new one.

Despite what you’re going through, remember that this difficult situation is just temporary. Just like planes can sometimes go off course on their flights, we sometimes go off course in our own lives. But with patience and resilience, you’ll find your way back to the path of success and fulfillment you deserve.

4. A Great Failure or Disappointment Is Imminent

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Most aircraft crashes result in huge explosions from fuel tanks catching fire and blowing up. If you dream of a plane crash and the plane explodes, the possible interpretation is that you’re on the verge of a great failure or a huge disappointment in your waking life.

This could range from a major professional setback to finally ending it with your spouse or any other event that shakes you to your core. But no matter what these dreams are telling you, keep in mind these are warning signs and not a foregone conclusion. With a little bit of introspection and resilience, you can learn from your dream and avoid the failure or disappointment that it’s foreshadowing.

5. You’ll Run Into Some Good Luck Soon

Not all plane crash dreams translate to doom and gloom. In fact, there are quite a few positive dream interpretations of such dreams. For instance, if you dream of watching a plane crash from the sidelines with no one being harmed in the process, it means that you’re soon going to run into some good luck.

Whether you’re starting a new project or pursuing your dream career, this good luck will help you succeed and achieve your goals. So don’t lose faith if things seem to be going badly right now; keep pushing forward, knowing that good fortune is just around the corner.

6. You Need to Make Quick Decisions About Your New Life

Fighter planes are among the fastest aircraft in existence today. These planes are a marvel of modern technology, with speeds of up to 1,225 km/h. Dreaming of one crashing is a sign that you need to act quickly about the current changes in your life.

Embracing a new beginning is difficult at first, but it will eventually feel natural. These fresh starts can be a huge source of joy and excitement. You can’t afford to wait any longer, and the time is now to make decisions about your new life.

7. You Are a Strong and Resilient Individual

It’s not uncommon for planes to catch fire before they come crashing from above. The plane’s cockpit is usually the first part to catch fire, followed by the propellers and sometimes the wings. Dreaming of a plane falling from the sky while on fire signifies that you are a resilient and strong individual.

The dream hints at your stability and unwavering spirit despite your difficult life circumstances. In some sense, the dream is your subconscious mind giving you a pat on the back. So, the next time a new opportunity presents itself, take the first step and embrace the challenge. With your tenacity and determination, you’re destined to succeed.

8. Success Is On the Horizon

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Getting hit by an actual plane is absurd in real life, but anything goes in our dreamscapes. If you dreamed about an actual plan hitting you or running you over, you have reason to celebrate. It means that success is on its way.

Are you about to start a new project or embark on your dream career? This dream is a good sign that good fortune and success are headed your way in the near future. Give your best final sprint and seize the success that belongs to you.

9. You’re Holding Back Your Fears

On the surface level, most people’s plane crash dreams point to their fear and anxiety about flying. But if you have recurring plane crash nightmares, then you could be subconsciously holding back your deepest fears and anxieties.

Pay attention to the people in the dream and where the dream occurred. These details provide insight into whatever you’re scared of and why it’s holding you back. Despite these strong emotions, remember that facing your fears is the first step towards overcoming them, so don’t be afraid to explore these anxieties in your waking life.

Try talking to someone you trust about these feelings or seek professional help. With the right guidance and support, you can move past your fears and live a happy and fulfilling life.

10. Your Health Will Improve Soon

A dream of an airplane crashing into you means you’re in for some good luck, but what about if a plane crashes into a group of people? If that’s the case, it means that your health will show significant improvement.

This dream is a sign that you’re due for some positive changes on the health front. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with an illness or condition for some time now, but all that’s about to change soon. By adopting a healthier lifestyle or changing doctors, your health will see a massive boost, and you’ll enjoy one of the healthiest periods of your life.

11. You Have Firm Control of Your Life

Dreaming of piloting a crashing airplane is one of the most disturbing dreams you could have. Underneath the panic and terror, however, is the dream’s positive message that you are in complete control of your life journey.

The dream is a sign that you’re completely in charge of your destiny and that nothing can stop you. Keep up the good work and remember, you’ve got this! With your unwavering spirit and determination, you will continue to achieve great things in your waking life.

So don’t be afraid to dream big and chase your dreams with all your heart. After all, a dream is just another way of reaching for the stars.

12. Progress in Your Career

Urban areas are always buzzing with activity, from lengthy traffic jams and swarms of people to booming businesses. Dreaming of a plane crashing into an urban area means your career is about to get a boost.

You may have struggled to get ahead in your career or need a new challenge. Whatever the reason, this dream is a sign that big changes are on the horizon. Whether it’s getting a raise, landing an exciting new job, or just finally being appreciated at work, there’s no doubt that progress is on the way.


Dreaming about a plane crash can have a variety of interpretations depending on the context. Some dream scenarios point to your negative thoughts, anxieties, and fears, while others suggest that you’re on the verge of great success or that your health will improve soon.

Regardless of how outrageous or frightening a dream may seem, it’s important to remember that every dream holds some nugget of meaning, however small. So whether you’re dreaming about flying or crashing a plane, always take the time to reflect on your dreams and their deeper meanings. With a little insight and introspection, you can start living your best life today and every day.​

Have you dreamed of crashing a plane or seeing a plane crash? We’d be more than happy to hear some of your plane crash dreams in the comment section below.

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