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6 Dream of Roaches Meanings

Dreaming about cockroaches or any insect, as a matter of fact, can leave you feeling queasy and uncomfortable even after you wake up. It isn’t the type of dream someone would conventionally prefer to have.

So, it might make you wonder why you had such a dream. What could the appearance of such a grime creature mean?

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the topic in detail. Let’s dive in!

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What Does It Mean?

Seeing cockroaches is generally interpreted as a spiritual and fortunate sign. This connotation arises from the shape of the cockroach which is oval and resembles the Ovum. Ovum is a Latin word, which literally means “egg”, fertility, and rebirth.

All in all, dreams of cockroaches are a sign of positivity, fortune, and good luck. Due to their tough nature and adaptability to any sort of weather, they are also a symbol of resilience and endurance.

Interpretation From the 1930s

In the early times, the dream of cockroaches was associated with the word wealth and fortune. According to the dream interpretation of that time, seeing a cockroach can indicate a good sign but in a way that might seem artificial in today’s time.

In ancient dream books, witnessing a cockroach in the subconscious mind could mean you will meet someone in real life, who will bring you good fortune. And if you kill a cockroach then you might hit a jackpot, win the lottery, or have a sudden pay raise.

Likewise, seeing a lot of cockroaches in your house indicates you might buy a new property or some luxury furniture for your house.

Dream Psychology of Cockroaches

Cockroaches can prove to be somewhat of a metaphorical presence in your dreams. They choose to hide in dark areas which can prove to be health hazards as they tend to infest dirty places. Here are some approaches to the psychology behind cockroach dreams.

1. Resilience

Cockroaches are tough insects. They can even survive the thermonuclear radiation from a nuclear bomb let alone minor catastrophes. This attribute of cockroaches can show their tough nature.

If you saw one in your dreams then it means you will have to overcome your current hardships and that you have the potential to withstand whatever life throws at you.

2. Hidden thoughts

Cockroaches are generally smart species as they tend to hide in small dark places or the smallest cracks and crevices, so they can avoid getting spotted by predators.

To have a dream of cockroaches can mean, you are about to experience some really great things. However, you have been very oblivious that you are headed toward a rewarding stage in your life.

3. Cleaning your thoughts

These insects are considered unhygienic and are mostly carriers of disease. However, in dream language, it means renewal and rejuvenation of your spiritual self.

For this inner spiritual change to occur you need to start untangling and decluttering your messes. You need to relieve yourself of all the materialistic baggage that is causing you psychological pressure, without it, you will not be able to achieve your higher self.

4. Rebirth

The shape of the cockroach is like an oval, which can be associated with the Latin word “Ovum.” Here, the meaning of ovum is egg, which is a female organ used to reproduce babies. Hence, this aspect can be linked with fertility and rebirth.

It is also a commonly known fact that female cockroaches don’t need to mate with a male to give birth as they have the ability to reproduce asexually So this aspect can refer to female dominance and a massive oncoming change that will make you independent.

Dream Psychology of Cockroaches

Dream of a Cockroach: General Meanings

Dreams of cockroaches are quite unusual to have but can have several meanings to them that are significant to your waking life. Here are 6 types of cockroach dreams:

1. Cockroach infestation

The meaning behind the infestation of cockroaches is very literal, to clean up your mess before things get out of hand and cause you a difficult time.

Cockroaches are good at hiding in small cracks or spaces. When you see a bunch of them scurrying around consider this as a warning sign; if you don’t deal with your problems right away or be consistent with your promises then they might multiply.

Some major life issues can build up if you don’t deal with this mess, such as divorce, business collapse, financial loss, addiction, and so on.

2. Colored cockroaches

  • Red cockroaches

Seeing red cockroaches in your dream is a positive sign. It means that you are about to experience a very kind gesture or that you will receive money from someone. This will be a gift from someone you either know or someone who is a complete stranger.

The amount of money is represented by the number of red cockroaches you see in your dream.

  • Black cockroach

Black roaches are also known as oriental cockroaches and they are about 1 and a half inches in size. To dream about black cockroaches indicates that you might be lacking trust in someone or maybe you are keeping secrets from everyone.

It can also mean that you are currently facing a major block in your life and instead of trying to remove this block you are busy overthinking. If you get attacked by one in your dreams then your hurdles and worries are over.

It can also indicate that you are about to take on new projects, which will bring you great success.

In real life, black cockroaches can be the cause of health issues like diarrhea and fever. So, seeing them in your dreams can mean you are feeling sick these days, or perhaps you are unable to connect with your spiritual self. Take better care of yourself!

  • Giant cockroaches attacking youWhite roaches

White cockroaches in a dream hold a rather spiritual meaning of cockroaches. They indicate your guilt about the lack of progress and motivation in life. Maybe you are holding back on pitching in with new work projects or refusing to participate in group activities.

If you witness the white cockroach attacking you in your dream then you need to be on the lookout as someone might betray your trust.

3. Giant cockroaches attacking you

Giant cockroaches are also known as “Hissing Cockroaches” and they originate from Madagascar. This kind is usually 2-3 inches in length, hence the name, giant cockroach.

If you dreamt about giant cockroaches attacking you then better take a little break. This is a strong symbol of both mental and physical exhaustion. It also means you have been overdoing things recently.

You might also dream about the cockroach being the same size as you, how terrifying! Basically, this dream indicates that you need to avoid taking shortcuts in order to properly succeed in your projects.

You need to step up your game and need to take that “extra mile” or show some perseverance for the sake of achieving your goal. For example, instead of using cheap screws use sturdier ones to keep the wooden boards intact even if they take longer to screw in.

Quality work is better than quick work!

4. Swarm of cockroaches

Just the mention of a swarm of cockroaches attacking you and perhaps even crawling on someone is horrifying enough to give you the creeps.

If you dreamt about a swarm of cockroaches in your dream then you are insecure about losing something or someone. The swarm here represents the negative feelings that you might be having recently.

Maybe you are afraid of losing a job which can affect your financial status or maybe you are worried your marriage might fall apart. It is likely that you are also worried about losing your material possessions to some unfortunate incident as well.

5. Flying cockroach

Dreams of flying cockroaches are a sign of bad luck and reflect your personality. This type of dream can mean you are about to face a financial loss or bankruptcy so you need to start working on a backup plan.

6. Dead cockroaches

Seeing a dead cockroach in your dream can reflect your inner desires, your aspirations, or goals you have been thinking about for a while.

The aspect of “dead” here represents your inability to move forward with these plans, and perhaps you have been lamenting about them for way too long. Due to such circumstances, you are also finding it difficult to work on your goals.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to release a new product for your brand or you have been wanting to take things on to the next level in your current relationship. However, these aspects seem out of reach so you have started to give up a little.

The dead cockroach may also reflect how your self-esteem, tenacity, pride, hope, and faith have been shattered. In this case, this type of dream is a reminder that your brain needs a little cleansing so you can restore the better version of yourself.


We’ve listed all possible meanings of cockroach dreams and we hope that this article has helped resolve all of your queries. If you still have any doubts or confusion, do let us know in the comments below!

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Mary Williams

Sunday 27th of August 2023

I carried three red Cockroaches into a hotel room and brought them out with me. What do it mean?


Thursday 20th of July 2023

Last night I dreamt of tons of dead roaches in my bedroom floor and they were salmon color. And my grandmother who has passed away decades ago was sweeping up the dead roaches for me. I was just in shock seeing so many dead roaches lying on my bedroom floor and then I woke up. It was horrifying!! Recently I do have a few concerns about my relationship with my daughter and an old friend whom I’ve known for twelve years. Could this worries and stress bring on my dream of roaches ?