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16 Dream of Butterflies Meanings

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that have undergone a lot of drastic change (metamorphosis.) As such, these former caterpillars are often considered a symbol of transformation.

And while this remains to be the core butterfly dream meaning, there are many other reasons why this colorful insect appears in your sleep. Here are 16 of them:

16 Dream of Butterflies Meanings1

What does it mean when you dream about butterflies?

1. Something Big is About to Happen

When you dream of a giant butterfly, then your subconscious mind is telling you that something significant will happen in your life. After all, this insect symbolizes transitions.

However, the issue here is whether you’re willing to accept this change.

As always, this change can bring something good, such as you and your long-term partner embarking on a happy marriage.

Then again, this new beginning can also bring some discomfort. For example, your promotion to a higher position may end up affecting your current relationship dynamics.

Needless to say, if you end up dreaming about eating a butterfly (and liking it), then it means you’re ready to accept these new events in your life. Good for you!

But if you end up feeling bad or throwing up after eating this butterfly, then it means you’re reluctant to accept this change. As these will affect your life significantly, you need to condition your mind and be prepared.

2. A Chapter in Your Life Will End

If a butterfly bites or eats you in your dream, it’s a sign that a chapter in your life will end. And while it may not be that pleasant, it will bring about a new (if not better) phase in your life.

True enough, it could be hard to accept this situation. So if you dream of a dead butterfly, it means you need to move on.

For example, you may find yourself being laid off from your job. While losing your source of money may be depressing, you need to accept this inevitability.

Just look on the bright side. Now you have the time and opportunity to focus on the business you’ve always wanted to have.

Remember: “Every story has an end, but in life, every ending is a new beginning.”

3. There’s a Long Road Ahead of You

A blue butterfly dream means you’ll be treading a long (and maybe even winding) path. But you need not worry, for you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Such is the case if you dream about multi-colored butterflies as well. These insects, after all, symbolize understanding. If any, this journey will only make you a better person.

4. You Are Growing

Dreaming of a cocoon (or chrysalis) means you’re experiencing the same thing in your life cycle. Just like the maturing caterpillar, you’re growing as well.

The problem, however, is that this growth can lead to destructive emotions and certain negativities. That’s why you need to reflect hard on your life.

Meditate in your room or in a nature retreat if you want. Such acts will help you achieve wisdom – and spiritual enlightenment too!

5. You Fear Change

As mentioned above, the meaning of butterflies – especially the big ones – is that change is coming. But if it attacks you in the dream, then it means you’re worried about this change – even if it’s meant to improve your life.

The same thought can be derived if you kill the butterfly in your dream. It means you’re limiting yourself from reaching your true potential.

Perhaps you’re too comfortable with where you are right now. Sadly, this won’t bring you anywhere (literally and figuratively.)

An attacking butterfly is a reminder for you to turn your life around – even if you’re contented with your present condition. As a quote puts it: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

16 Dream of Butterflies Meanings2

6. You’ll Lose Something

An escaping butterfly means that you’ll lose something. Although you have been holding on to it tightly, it will manage to claw away from your fingers.

You may have been eyeing a job for quite a while now. Unfortunately, you haven’t done anything to secure it. Sadly, this dream means this opportunity will slip away from your fingers.

So if you have a great opportunity on your hands, act upon it now – before it’s too late.

7. Use Your Imagination

Golden or yellow butterflies signify creativity and self-expression. So if you keep dreaming about them, it’s time for you to use your imagination!

Instead of doing things straight, go ahead and think out of the box. Who knows? This unique pursuit may lead to something fruitful!

8. You’ll Succeed

A green butterfly means you’ll have good fortune in the near future. Your promotion may fall through, or your new business will generate many profits. The bottom line is that all your hard work is about to pay off!

9. You Have the Power of Manifestation…

If you dream of a butterfly landing on you – or having one on your hands – it means you’re a powerful manifester!

In other words, whatever you think (or want) will materialize. After all, manifestation is defined as “bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief.”

And it’s not just a spiritual thing. This means you also have the knowledge, skill, and capacity to make your dreams come true.

So if you’re thinking of starting a new project, applying for a new job, or what have you, then the best time to do it is now. Remember: good luck is right by your side, so use it to your advantage.

10. …But You Need to Think Hard Before You Manifest

Sure, you can make your deepest desires come true. But a dream of a butterfly landing on your face means you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

While it’s not wrong to want success and prosperity, they can deflect you from the right path: and that’s living a life of maturity and spirituality.

Don’t let these material riches get to you.

11. You Possess Psychic Gifts

If purple butterflies dominate your dream, then it means that you have psychic gifts. You have strong intuitive and clairvoyant powers, which is why you often make the right choice/decision.

16 Dream of Butterflies Meanings3

12. You Need to Do Some Shadow Work

A black butterfly dream is a reminder for you to do some shadow work. Simply put, you need to uncover the things you’ve been hiding or repressing for too long.

Perhaps you’ve buried some of your bad personalities – or the trauma you’ve experienced when you were wrong. Well, now’s the time to explore and accept them.

By doing shadow work, you develop compassion and become more accepting of other people’s flaws.

13. Always Trust Your Gut

Even if you’re a great manifester, all will be for naught if the timing isn’t right. So if you keep dreaming about catching a butterfly, you need to trust your gut more.

The same thought applies when you dream of a white butterfly. It’s telling you to listen to your higher self – or your spirit guide, if you will.

So before you manifest – or make a decision – take notice of the things surrounding you.

Does everything feel like it’s falling into place? Is something telling you to do A, even if it makes more sense to do B? If it is, then it’s gut/spirit guide your telling you to take on a chance right now.

14. Take Care of Yourself

When you dream of a brown butterfly or a monarch butterfly, it’s a sign that you must take good care of yourself.

Now it’s good to prioritize others, but you mustn’t forget about yourself. Nourish your body and soul, for you need to be physically and spiritually healthy to serve others.

15. Connect With Others

If you dream of a butterfly inside your house, it’s a reminder for you to connect with others. After all, your success will be highly influenced by the connections you have.

Perhaps you’ve lost touch with family and friends because of personal issues or hectic work schedules. No matter what the reason, it’s time for you to reconnect with them. Not only is it very fulfilling, but it will help fuel you toward success.

16. You’ll Go Through a Rough Patch

A butterfly on a flower is often related to your current state of romance. Sadly, it means your relationship will be on the rocks.

Perhaps your partner did something that made you doubt them. Likewise, you may have done something that has made them question your loyalty.

As always, you need to work on these issues if you want to make things work.


A butterfly dream can be interpreted in several ways. It’s a sign that something big is about to happen – as it is a sign that you’ll lose something.

So if you dream of this insect, take good stock of the scenario. Take note of the color of the butterfly – and what it’s doing. That way, you can interpret the symbolism accurately.

What do the interpretations mentioned above tell about your butterfly dream? Is it positive or negative? Share your thoughts below!

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