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8 Dream Of Planets Meanings

With all the talk about the creation of colonies on Mars, interplanetary and time travel, the constant discoveries of new planets and galaxies, aliens, and the series of films on these topics, it’s no wonder that people dream of planets.

This type of dream might seem strange at first, but it’s in our nature to think and eventually dream about planets since humans have always wondered about things that look beyond their reach and fantasized about spreading their wings like a bird to travel and explore new places.

So, planets, which, for the most part, are unexplored territory, are a symbol of new beginnings, transformation, risk, and, of course, opportunity.

These symbols have positive and negative interpretations, as no two dreams are equal. Below we present the most common ones. Check their explanations and meanings and thus get to know yourself.

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1. You’re Trying To Start A New Life

Dreaming about planets, especially about traveling to planets, is one of the most popular dreams because every night, we look at the stars and think about what’s out there.

When you think about what a trip to any planet would be like in real life, you feel excited, and it is tempting to think about the challenges humanity would face for the first time.

Precisely because of uncertainty, dreaming of a planet may indicate your desire to escape from your life and start from scratch a new phase somewhere far from where you are currently.

And some planet on which no one has ever stepped foot is probably the best symbol your dreaming mind could find for a new phase.

If a scenario involving planets appears in your dream, the first thing to do is look around and see what could have prompted it. Do you, as a person, need a rebirth? Is there an area where a fresh start would be the best thing to do?

2. You’re Thirsting For Adventures

If you dreamt of a planet, you must be an adventurous soul. To dream that you are on a distant planet or traveling towards it reveals your wondering spirit and desire to learn as much as possible about life.

But according to the messages your mind is sending you, it is obvious that you are unable to satisfy your thirst for traveling and discovering new places.

This trait is, of course, a good one because going on new adventures is some of the best things we can do to make ourselves happy.

Yes, there is always a risk that something we’ll go wrong because, after all, we’re going into uncharted territories, but more times than not, the new adventure is well worth that risk.

Simply embrace your desire to find yourself in many interesting situations and enjoy them. After this dream, you can probably start preparing for a long trip.

3. Your Worries Will Disappear

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This dream could also be an omen that soon, all your worries will disappear.

The planet you’re seeing in your dream represents the things that are bothering you squished together in the shape of a ball. It means that in the coming period, you will have to deal with problems and emotions that have been accumulating inside and around you for a long time.

But of course, problem-solving is a skill that needs to be acquired as these issues won’t go away by themselves – you’ll be the one who has to change.

You will have enough of crying over your fate and current situation, so you will do everything to change this. If you’re currently in a relationship where you haven’t felt happy for a long time, you will do everything to stop this torture.

In general, you will want more and better for yourself in life, and you will begin to act accordingly.

4. You’re Questioning Life Too Much

If you are a person who dreams about planets, something like this can very often be interpreted as having too many questions for yourself, others around you, or life in general.

When you think about it, what do we really know about millions of planets in outer space? Yes, we know certain things about the planets both in our solar system and outside it, and we have some images of them, but we’ve never actually visited any of them.

For this reason, planet dreams can be seen as a symbol of (maybe) unanswerable and deep questions that torment you in everyday life. You are probably a person who questions the profound meaning of life, why we are here, do we have any higher purpose, etc.

The real question is, do you need to think that much about these things?

5. Take The Risk

Traveling to the moon, sending rovers to Mars, and telescopes to outer space were all efforts that involved huge risks. However, that never stopped humankind from actually trying to accomplish these goals.

Dreaming about planets may be a suggestion of your brain that you need to take some risks in life because it will pay off. However, you’re probably not sure of yourself, hesitating whether you should go for it and maybe even feel like you’re a total beginner in this field.

You know that you will invest time and money in something that seems to many to be pointless. People are trying to dissuade you from going forward because they think you have some unreal illusions about your capabilities.

In these situations, believing in yourself, your logic, and your intuition are crucial for going forward and achieving success. If you take the risk, you will have something to show for it after a certain period, and let the people who doubted you know that you can make great things happen.

But more importantly, you will have learned one of the most valuable lessons in life, which is that, sometimes, taking risks is the only choice worth making.

6. Unleash Your Creativity

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According to our current knowledge, all the planets in the universe are devoid of life, and there’s not much happening in terms of action. Visiting a new planet in real life would mean the beginning of something new and the creation of many new things.

The planet you dreamt of is like a blank canvas and a creative outlet with which you can do anything – it’s all up to you and your imagination.

With this in mind, it is clear that this dream symbolizes an opportunity for creativity in your life, be it your professional or academic life or something related to a hobby.

You probably have an idea you wish to realize. You’ve been preparing for this for a long time and are finally ready to make the idea come to life.

However, you may be too focused on the initial phase, or you’re dwelling too much on small details because it is evident that these only hinder you in achieving your goals and inhibit your creativity. So stop restraining your imagination and let it shine in full light!

7. You’re Trying To Discover Your True Identity

Dreaming of planets can be interpreted as a symbol of being at a stage in your life when trying to discover your true identity.

A planet in dreams refers to aspects of yourself and usually means that you are ready to face the unknown and start over. However, in order to find out what lies ahead, you have to leave old problems behind, set aside your ego, and, in some cases, even your own identity.

8. Good Things Are Coming

If you dreamt about a planet, this often means something positive and beautiful will happen to you. Although it might seem scary at first, oftentimes, the planet is a sign of success and happiness.

In the near future, you’ll maybe receive business offers that you won’t be able to refuse, followed by numerous recognitions and praises for your work.

This dream could also be a positive omen in that there’s some romance awaiting you, as you might soon meet a kindred spirit who will win you over immediately.


Visiting one of the neighboring planets is no longer a question of if but when. However, until then, we will undoubtedly continue to see and visit them and some distant ones in our dreams.

And that’s why it’s good that you now know what they all symbolize: taking risks, the desire for adventure, struggling with problems or questions related to our private life or life in general, and the need for new beginnings or unleashing your creativity.

If you’ve had a dream involving planets, share your experience in the comments. Of course, any question is also welcome!

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