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8 Dream of My Ex Boyfriend Meanings

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend is always disconcerting since images from your past reappear in your mind through dreams.

What does this mean? Is my psyche playing a trick on me? All those months of working with my therapist were for nothing? Am I not aware of my true emotions toward my past relationship?

Dreaming of an ex-partner is more common than you think and it does not always mean that you miss your ex or that you regret breaking up with him. No! Do not be alarmed!

In this article, we will review the most common meanings of dreaming with an ex-lover. We will address the possibility of unresolved issues with your ex, to a projection of your subconscious mind about your current needs.

For this kind of dream, we must take into account the context of the dream, because it will be a key piece to understanding its meaning. We must also be very aware of the emotions and sensations that the dream generated in us. Let us begin!

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Dreams About An Ex- Boyfriend: Why This Happens And What It Means

1. You’re not over your breakup

A breakup is a difficult situation to process, even more so if it happened recently. In these cases, it is very common to dream of your recent ex.

Remember that ending a relationship can feel like a big grief. It is normal since you have lost a loved one and the process of accepting your new reality may take a while.

You may also experience this if you neglect to process your past relationship and you’ve already gotten involved in a new relationship.

A psychologist or a dream analyst would tell you that your subconscious is letting out those repressed feelings of love, passion, and desire from your previous relationship.

2. You’re not satisfied with your current relationship

Occasionally, your current relationship may not be what you expected or may not fill the void left behind by your previous relationship. The dream with your ex would occur when this happens.

You must face your feelings honestly in these situations. It can be painful but it is necessary. It is not fair to your new partner either, since he will think that you love him when your heart has not yet forgotten your ex.

Take some time to meditate on your feelings so that you can decide what to do. Perhaps it is good that you give your heart time to heal its wounds and have closure with your previous relationship.

3. Stop living in the past

Dreaming of your ex in love is a common dream when it comes to people who cannot forget the past. This dream does not have to have a loving meaning.

Getting stuck in the past can be due to various reasons. To this day, you may miss a good period of your life.

In general, dreams are messages or alert signals from your subconscious to fix things in your present or to realize your behavior and make the necessary changes to have a better life.

Staying living in the past does not allow us to focus on our current life and it will not help us build a better future for ourselves.

Treasure past experiences as precious memories of your life, but don’t get stuck in them. Otherwise, you will not have space for new experiences, nor will you be able to experience your real life 100%.

4. The end of past issues

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Dreaming about our ex dying or hearing about his death in a dream is a reflection of past traumas and your ability to overcome them.

In general, these dreams occur if you have had a toxic relationship in the past that has done you a lot of damage.

If you suffered from an abusive ex, it is normal that it took you a long time to get over these experiences, but be glad because you have achieved it.

Do not panic if you dream of the death of your ex. It does not refer to resentment in your heart nor is it an indicator that you wish for bad things. It is the reflection that your mind and spirit have already overcome that difficult relationship that left marks on your heart.

Now you are ready for a new love, and you should allow yourself to meet someone worthwhile, but this time without toxic behavior, jealousy, frustration, fights, and aggressiveness.

The purpose of relationships is to enjoy them and to create intimate connections that improve our quality of life. True love is easy and simple, never complicated and difficult to handle.

5. Emotional distance with your present partner

Dreaming about your ex when you have a partner does not mean that you still have feelings for your ex, but it can represent a situation of coldness or estrangement from your current partner.

Maybe you have unmet needs with your current partner and that makes you remember your ex in dreams. This sort of dream represents a stage of emotional withdrawal and coldness with your partner.

These dreams can also occur due to a lack of intimacy and it is a sign that the spark of love between you has cooled. Take this dream as a warning for your waking life and if the relationship with your partner matters to you, talk to him and try to find a way to revive the love between you.

Many times the routine, the day-to-day and the monotony make a dent in our love relationships. Remember that a relationship is like a plant, which must be constantly watered and cared for.

If you are not aware of how to improve your love relationship, it will decline over time and the flame of love may go out completely.

6. Repressed desires

Another very common dream that confuses people who experience it is dreaming that you are cheating on your current partner with your ex.

This does not mean that you want to cheat on your partner, but it is an indicator that there are hidden desires in you that you are not in charge of fulfilling.

It is also the indicator of many repressed emotions and feelings that you do not let something come to light or that you do not make known. As a result of this dream, connect more with yourself so that you can understand what your hidden desires are.

Rest assured that as long as you suppress your desires and emotions, it will be impossible for you to live a happy and fulfilling life. Accept yourself as you are and validate your emotions, no matter how confusing they may seem.

Looking in the mirror and knowing who we are and what we want is the first step towards a happy life, with a better knowledge of ourselves and our life aspirations.

7. Long time alone

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Dreaming with your ex is also a reflection that you have been alone for a long time and without any significant relationship. The image of your ex-partner represents the desire for love and affection that is failing you.

Learning to be alone and enjoying ourselves is essential for happiness. But after reaching that emotional and mental stability, we may have the need to become lovingly involved with someone again.

Feeling loved and loved is something normal, even more so when we know what we want in life and what kind of love we want to experience. The problem is that when we know exactly what we want, it is not so easy to find a partner, and the time spent alone can take a long time.

In these lonely times, the moments lived with an ex return to our minds. But don’t worry, it’s not you want to return to a relationship that wasn’t for you, it’s just the desire for a new love connection in your life.

If these images appear in your dreams, listen to your intuition and open up a little more to new experiences, go out for a drink with friends and be a little more social these days.

8. You have grown as a person

Dreaming that your ex is in danger and you save him has nothing to do with the desire to get back together with him.

It is an indicator that you have grown as a person and the difficult experiences you have had to endure have brought out the best in you and you have become a better version of yourself.

Congratulation to you! You have learned to cope with life’s difficulties and you know how to make the best of each of the difficult situations in your life.


Dreaming of your ex-partner has several meanings. From unresolved feelings to a reflection of your current situation. It is the representation that your subconscious uses to reflect unmanifested desires, past traumas, desire for intimacy, and true love.

We hope that this article has given you a better vision to interpret this kind of dream and that you have more tools to understand the messages that dreams have for you.

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