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11 Dream Of Old Friends Meanings

Dreams often tap into our old memories, going down memory lane with some people we may or may not have kept contact with. You might find these kinds of dreams nostalgic, reminding you of better times back then. You can wake up with a nice, light feeling in the morning after dreaming.

When old friends show up in your dreams, it may signify that you want to reconnect with them. There might be some things that are happening in your life right now that are reminding you of them. When you’re going through tough times in your daily life, these dreams allow you to forget the present and reminisce of a time when your current struggles were not your concern.

However, not all dreams about old friends are a good sign. Not all old friends rekindle beautiful memories, anyway. Painful and unpleasant memories and the accompanying negative emotions may also resurface from these dreams, especially when these old friends weren’t very nice acquaintances back in the day.

These old friends can also have various dream interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Make sure to take note of all the details in your dream so that you can accurately pinpoint the meaning of these dreams.

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Spiritual Meanings of Old Friends in Dreams

1. You Simply Miss These Friends

When you dream of old memories with a close friend, sometimes the most straightforward answer may be the right one. You outright miss these people, especially when you haven’t been in touch with them for quite some time.

In times when your life becomes too fast-paced, or if everything around you has become too unfamiliar, sometimes you want to rekindle old memories when times were simpler. You might also miss them when your friends in your current social life have felt distant from you. You might crave older friendships because they’re often rawer and sometimes more genuine than friendships built in the workplace or in your adult life.

2. You Miss The Times Back Then

Sometimes it’s not exactly the friends that you miss, but rather the timeline or the period during which you were together. Childhood friends remind us of better times or times with less anxiety and free from the load and responsibilities of adulthood.

When your waking life is riddled with heavy obligations of the real world, sometimes your dreams will tap into happier moments with old friends. Back when you didn’t have to worry about bills and deadlines, you might have missed when you can easily hang out with friends and forget the world outside of your circle.

Such was definitely good times, and it might be good to have them right now. That might be what your dream is meant to say.

3. You Miss the Person that You Were

Aside from missing the times and the old school friends, perhaps you miss the old you. It is not uncommon for people’s old personalities to not withstand the test of time. It is human for us to change, sometimes completely, when we grow up. Although we often associate these changes with maturity, there can still be aspects of your old self that you miss.

These old friend dreams might signify regression. Primarily, you might have missed the bits when you were reckless and irresponsible and without worries. Or perhaps you missed your old tastes in music and fashion. Whichever aspect you miss, you might want to revisit those old memories and gain a nostalgic kind of happiness from them.

4. You Didn’t End Things With Your Friend Properly

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When you dream of an old friend for a few nights now, maybe it’s hinting that you need to reconnect with them, but not to reminisce. Rather, you might have felt guilty that you guys didn’t end well back in the day. This can be quite common with old best friends who you had unfinished business with and you’re no longer friends with them anymore.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to patch things up with them, and you have those thoughts dumped in the depths of your mind. However, your subconscious mind is telling you that right now might be a great time to call them, maybe know how they’re doing and see if you can rekindle a long-lost friendship.

5. You Accept Who You Are Right Now

Perhaps it’s not nostalgia that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you about dreams with an old pal. Instead, it might be an ode to the past, a good omen to mean that you have finally accepted how it has gone and what it has done to your present self.

Conveying your self-acceptance in the form of affection from old acquaintances, your inner self might be celebrating your true self right now. Despite having bad aspects with the good, you finally come to terms with having them and your dream is simply affirming that.

6. You Have Been Holding Yourself Back

These old friends may come up in your dreams, but that doesn’t mean that they are what your dream is trying to tell you about. Instead, they are a metaphor for the real message it’s trying to tell: you might be holding back your true desires.

Old friends are often associated with knowing the parts of your personality that not a lot of people do. In your dream, they might stand for your true self and your dream is hinting that you haven’t been letting out your true self in your real life. You might be missing the true you, and you have suppressed several desires that you have.

7. You Might Be Reminded of What They Were Before

We often associate our friends with certain characteristics or traits that made them stand out to us. You might have had a shopaholic friend, a gossipy friend, or an adorably ignorant friend back then. They might remind you of certain messages for your present.

When you dream of your drinking buddies, maybe a celebration is due soon! Or if you dream of a friend that always gets broken up every now and then, you might also be due for a breakup soon. Remind yourself what each friend in your dream signifies to you, and maybe you’ll see a connection.

8. You Might Be Reminded of What They Do

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When your old friends show up in a nightly scenario, their current occupation might lend some insights as to what the dream means. For example, your old friend who happens to be a nurse or doctor might indicate that you have medical problems. Your baker/DJ/chef friend might signify that a party might be happening in the near future.

9. You Are Favoring Certain People Over Others

You will almost always have a certain bias toward your old friends. However, when they appear in your dreams, they may not always mean a good thing. Perhaps these friends that come out in your dreams are actually manifestations of your nepotism or partiality in your waking life.

Your subconscious mind might be telling you to keep the situation checked, and always attempt to assess them in a fair way. Alternatively, you might also be unethically approaching higher-ups for that coveted position and your mind is warning you against it.

10. You Might Be Afraid of Getting Rejected

Not everyone has fond memories of old friends. Perhaps back in the day, your high school classmates often excluded you from groupings, and you’ve never felt like you fit in with them. When they show up in your dreams, they might mean that you are afraid of having the past repeat in your current life.

You might be feeling anxious that your current circle of friends might be not different from your old one. This can be a bad sign that you might feel left out, or they might reject you. If your current friends make you feel this way, you might benefit from gaining a new set of reliable and better friends.

11. You Are Getting into Unnecessary Fights

When you dream of fighting your old friend, it can mean something unpleasant. Just like juvenile fights, this might be a warning sign that you are engaging in unnecessary and pointless squabbles with someone in your current life.

Someone might have been pestering you for a while now, and because of that, you don’t treat them fairly. These kinds of conflicts can become quite problematic if you don’t handle them properly. You might also need to reflect upon your attitude with your colleagues.


Dreaming of a good friend often evokes a nice, nostalgic feeling in us. Triggering happy memories from your past is always a welcome thing, especially when you are going through tumultuous times in your waking life. Plus, sometimes the best dream interpretation for them is simple: you miss them, and your mind thinks the same, too.

A reconnection with your old friends may well be overdue. See how they are doing now, and maybe reminisce on the good times back then. Perhaps it might also be a hint that your mind is telling you to rest and reflect back on your life.

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