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12 Dream of Ocean Meanings

Dreams are a powerful way for our subconscious mind to get our attention. They show us our innermost emotions, thoughts, and feelings and can warn us of any dangers on the horizon.

Ocean dreams are a widespread thing to experience. And there are infinite ways an ocean can appear to you; calm and tranquil, chaotic and wild, or a mixture of both.

So what exactly does dreaming about an ocean mean for you and your life?

This article will explore the most common dream symbols relating to oceans. We’ll help you apply their meaning to your waking life and prepare you for the journey ahead.

12 Dream of Ocean Meanings1

12 Meanings to dreaming about the ocean

1. You are blessed with prosperity and abundance

The ocean is one of the world’s biggest and most essential resources. It has been used since the dawn of time for traveling, catching food, creating energy, and more. As such, to dream of oceans often symbolizes a blessing of prosperity, and good luck are being bestowed on you.

In the coming days, you will have all of your needs met. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you want – the tides are in your favor now. But remember – just as the ocean is generous with you, pass this kindness on to others. There’s plenty for everyone.

2. Your relationships may be solid and secure or chaotic and wild

The ocean backdrops some of the most romantic scenes in history. It is beautiful, tranquil, and soothing. Dreaming about the expansive sea in the distance signifies that you’re about to become romantically involved soon.

If you already have a partner, pay close attention to the waves as they reach the shore. Peaceful, soft waves suggest that you and your partner are in harmony. People think you’re a very agreeable person, and warm to you.

A raging ocean may be a warning to you. A tidal wave is a negative sign that your relationship is heading toward conflict. Be prepared to weather the storm.

3. You may receive a blessing of finance – don’t squander it

As well as providing food for people, the oceans have allowed us to trade and catch food for centuries. Even today, several countries’ primary sources of income are fishing and transport.

If you dream of sailing across the ocean, and it has a cargo of goods and expensive items, this can symbolize that you are incredibly productive in work right now and are about to be rewarded for it. This could be in the form of status or money.

But be careful – the ocean is home to lots of sunken treasure. It can be uncertain and unpredictable. Do not squander this boon in finances; invest wisely and practice stability. You never know when a wave will come crashing down.

4. You must reach out for help when you need it

While calm waters symbolize tranquility, stormy waters symbolize the opposite. If you dream about rough, turbulent waters with dark clouds, wind, and thunder, this is a tell-tale sign that you’re in the wrong spot in life. Time to paddle out!

Your mind is clouded. You’re feeling down and helpless. Sometimes we are alone in these dreams, symbolizing our feelings of isolation. In this case, you may need to be more upfront with people about what you need from them. Ask for help.

5. You can overcome anything if you put your mind to it

A violent ocean doesn’t always have to symbolize chaos. Sometimes, it is a very positive dream proving you are resourceful. If you meet the stormy ocean head-on and can weather the high waves easily, this symbolizes you’re resilient.

An obstacle may appear in your life in the coming days and weeks. Don’t be afraid of it. Trust your intuition; like the ocean storm, you will overcome it and preserver. You’re stronger than you think.

12 Dream of Ocean Meanings2

6. You will enjoy a period of creativity and clarity

Clearwater has always been a potent symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. It is transparent, soothing, and tranquil, inspiring many artists and musicians. Your dream may signal that you’re about to enter a particularly creative phase.

There will soon be significant opportunities at work, including a promotion – so be ready to take advantage of it! Use these opportunities wisely to show everyone what you’re made of. You may reach new perspectives on old problems, allowing you to move on from mistakes.

7. You will develop new and better friendships

Ocean dreams are often where we see lots of happy people enjoying the water. Whether on the beach, in the water, sailing, or on your boat, this symbolizes your connections.

You have a good community around you, who are there for you in times of crisis. Seeing people alongside the ocean represents your faithfulness and commitment to them and them to you.

Seeing a group of people, you don’t immediately recognize can symbolize your need to go out and meet new people and expand your social circles.

8. You may need more adventure in life

If your dream is nothing but an open body of water, this can mean you’re missing something in life. Exploration is all about adventure; your dream may ask you to take more risks and find a new passion.

It may also suggest you need some direction in life. Perhaps you’re in-between jobs or deciding to quit. Or your relationship is dimming, and you want to improve your sexual life together. We all fear the unknown, so it’s high time you figure out what direction to move.

9. You may have a secret that will come to light soon

Sometimes, our ocean dreams can feel more like nightmares. This is especially true if you dream of shipwrecks, seasickness, and lost treasure in the ocean’s depths.

Often, this dream symbolizes a buried secret in your life that you’ve been avoiding. If your vision sees you trying to rescue it, this suggests that your secret is causing emotional turmoil, and you need to find closure somehow.

If you successfully recover it, the secret will be uncovered for all to see – but don’t worry; like the treasure found, the reaction will be positive, and you will be unburdened.

10. You will receive news on your health

Since the dawn of time, water has healed and cured various illnesses. Every day we wash away dirt and clean ourselves and our clothes to purify and protect ourselves.

If you dream about swimming in the ocean, this is often a blessing of good health and well-being. You’re immersed in this life-giving energy. If you’re currently sick, the dream is manifesting good news in the coming time.

That said, if you’re swimming and you or someone else in your dream comes into difficulty, this can warn you of a significant obstacle in your future that you need to prepare for.

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11. You may be hurting yourself or those you care about

Sea water is undrinkable and can cause several health problems if ingested. So if your ocean dream sees you taking in this toxicity willingly, it can represent how you are behaving right now.

You might be causing easily avoidable problems in your life, ones that are hurting you. Perhaps your recent behavior has caused some lasting anxiety and annoyance you can’t push past. You might be sabotaging your own happiness.

Your dream is challenging you to make things right. Put aside past wrongs, forgive and forget. As hard as it is to let go of this, your dream warns you that this bitterness sabotages your happiness. Don’t let your past ruin your present and future. Get out of the way of your way.

12. You will be blessed with fertility and family life

Water is life-giving and often symbolizes the birth of a new baby, the baptism of a newborn, or the cleansing of our sins. It is profoundly spiritual and used in many religions to mark ceremonies and celebrations.

To dream of an open ocean is a good symbol that there will be good news for an expecting couple in your life. Especially if you see sea creatures in your dream, the new baby will be nurtured and supported in the time ahead.


Whether tidal waves or clear ocean waters, your dream sends an important message about your current and future emotional state. You must keep an open mind about its true meaning.

Quite often, water is tranquil, calm, and positive. It renews, heals, and replenishes us. Dreaming about calm ocean waves reaffirms you’re in a good spot in life.

That said, if the ocean’s water is erratic, volatile, and frightening, you might be experiencing a difficult time in life. Be kind to yourself in the coming days and weeks, and make small changes in your life that can help stabilize your journey. The calm water will return.

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