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20 Dream of Giving Birth Meanings

While pregnant women are more likely to have birthing dreams, it can also happen to everyone (men included.) More often than not, the general meaning alludes to a new beginning or a fresh start.

Let’s discuss these  – and several other possible interpretations – below.

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Childbirth Dreams: 3 Interpretations for Aspiring/Expectant Mothers

1. You’re Manifesting

If you’ve always wanted to have a baby, a childbirth dream is your mind’s way of manifesting it. After all, this is the practice of turning dreams into reality.

2. You’re Practicing

If you have given birth in your dream, there’s no need to worry – unless you feel something is off, of course. It’s just your mind preparing you for this new phase in your life.

As dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg explains in a Romper article: “If you are currently pregnant and dreaming of giving birth, this is the subconscious preparing you for the big event.”

Take it as a symbolic practice run. Just like you, your subconscious mind wants your childbirth to go well.

3. You’re Worried

If you keep dreaming about giving birth to something else, such as a dog or a cat, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll bear such. This just means that you’re concerned about the labor and childbirth processes.

Nobody wants a surprise, after all.

You’re deeply concerned about your pregnancy, and understandably, you don’t want anything wrong to happen.

Birthing Dreams: 20 General Interpretations

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1. A Significant Change Will Happen

If an unknown person is giving birth in your dream, it’s a sign that you’ll undergo a real-life transformation.

Perhaps you’ll get a new job – or meet your soulmate once and for all. Indeed, these significant changes will bring good tidings into life.

2. Make the Most Out of Your New Idea

If you’ve come up with a brilliant scheme, a childbirth dream is your mind’s way of telling you to make it happen.

It will take a lot of effort to enact these creative projects, but they will all be worth it.

3. The Possibilities are Endless

An unexpected birth can be distressing, but it’s actually good – at least according to dream analysts. It’s a sign that you can do everything – despite the many obstacles that lie along the way.

So if you’ve always wanted to apply for a higher position – or start a business – now’s the best time to do so. There may be a complication (or two) along the way, but you’ll get through them all.

4. You’re a Strong Person

A dream about a baby boy is a reminder of how strong you are. After all, this dream relates to the power and confidence you possess.

5. Work on Yourself

While a childbirth dream proves you are strong, you may not see it that way. If any, it also serves as a reminder that you can always work on yourself.

Perhaps you need to explore your emotions and behaviors even more. Needless to say, this deep dive will change (if not improve) your outlook in life.

6. You Have a Solid Support System

While a childbirth dream shows you’re a strong person, it’s also a sign that many people support you. This is especially true if you have dreamt of giving birth in a hospital.

You’re very fortunate, for a family member/friend is always there for you. No matter what happens, you can rely on them for support and assistance.

7. You’ll Take on a New Role

A childbirth/pregnancy dream can be your mind’s way of preparing you for a new role.

Perhaps you’ve been promoted to a position that entails more possibilities. Similarly, it may be your first time running a business.

While this new role may bring you a lot of anxiety, it’s also a reminder that you can do it!

8. Make a Change

If you give birth to a big baby (or an adult) in your dream, it means you need to make positive changes in your life.

For example, if you’ve always wanted to live in a new town or country, it’s time to do so! It may be scary, but this ‘venture into the unknown’ will improve your confidence and well-being.

9. Listen to Other People’s Advice

If a midwife assists you in your dream, it means you need to listen to other people’s advice.

You may be headstrong and independent, but there are times when you have to let other people help you out. You don’t have to worry about their intentions, though, for they’re all positive. All they want is to help you succeed and flourish.

10. You’ll Be Healthy

Apart from symbolizing wealth, a dream about a baby girl is deemed a metaphor for good health.

11. You’ll Thrive

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While childbirth is associated with many expenses, its dream interpretation could mean the opposite.

This is especially true if you have twins – or if you gave birth to a baby girl in your dream. According to a dream expert, they represent abundance and prosperity.

And, if you find yourself sweating during your childbirth dream, it’s a sign that your business will succeed.

So if you’re applying for a high-paying position or thinking of starting a new company, go for it! This dream is proof that good fortune is on the horizon.

12. Someone’s Life is About to Change

If someone you know gave birth in a dream, it’s a sign that she wants to get pregnant. On the other hand, this may also happen if she recently delivered a baby.

13. You’re Confused

Childbirth is all about bringing new life into the world. But if it’s something you haven’t intended in the first place, this joyous event can leave you otherwise disconcerted.

Unfortunately, this dream reflects the emotions you feel in your real life. You need clarification on what to do (or where to go.)

While it would be good to draw insights from the people around you, it would also help to do some deep introspection.

14. You Need to Face Your Problems

Although a ‘giving birth dream’ is perceived as a good sign, it can also serve as a bad omen. For one, this dream is also associated with pain and agony.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a lot of negative emotions right now. And, instead of working through them, you opted to ignore and repress them.

Remember: the only way to stop these real-life nightmares is to address them immediately.

15. Let it Out

As mentioned above, you may be repressing some of your problems – and they’re draining you to the core.

If you don’t want this negativity to take hold of your life, you need to voice things out once and for all.

If you want to tell your loved ones something, do so! They may take it constructively – or not. What matters, however, is that you’re finally able to tell them the truth. This, after all, will set your heart free.

16. A Chapter in Your Life Will End Soon

Giving birth to a dead baby is genuinely distressing. Sadly, its dream interpretation is just as upsetting.

This means that a chapter in your life is about to end. It could apply to many things, such as romantic relationships, friendships, or job prospects.

And while this will bother you, you’ll get over this hurdle eventually.

17. Be Wary of the People Around You

Although childbirth dreams mean you’re being supported, giving birth to an animal means you must be cautious. That’s because the people around you are working hard to bring you down.

So even if you’re dealing with a close friend – or a relative – you need to be doubly careful. If not, they will end up stabbing you in the back.

18. It’s Time to Reconnect With Your Partner

As mentioned, a birthing dream is all about new changes. And, in terms of relationships, it’s a sign for you to reconnect with your partner again.

This is especially the case if your partnership is on the rocks.

Do note that reconnecting is just as good, even if your relationship seems okay. It wouldn’t hurt to work on your and your partner’s bond.

19. You’re Worried About the Relationship

If your partner was not around when you gave birth in your dream, know that it reflects what you feel about them.

You’re concerned about your lover – and the current state of your relationship.

The only question is: will you voice your concerns or let them fester until your relationship is destroyed?

20. Be Prepared For Some Drama

Every woman wants to give birth to a healthy newborn. But if your dream offspring ends up marred, it means that drama will occur soon!

Perhaps you’ll have a shouting match with a relative or a co-worker. Furthermore, something ‘juicy’ may occur in your relationship.

This drama will stress you out, so be ready!


A childbirth dream can reflect your desire to have a newborn baby. Likewise, it can reflect your manifestations and worries about your pregnancy.

As for other dreamers, it can point to a refreshing new start in their waking life. Although some scenarios offer warnings, what’s important is you try to work through them.

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