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23 Dream of Being Chased By A Bear Meanings

Now we understand it’s common for people with this dream to panic because bears are frightening creatures. They may or may not be an indication of a bad omen. But one should not be distressed. What you need is a better interpretation of this dream and after that, use it as a warning and guide.

To avoid confusion and to save you time, we compiled the common interpretations for this dream on this page for you.

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What does it mean when you dream about being chased by a bear?

1. You Need Protection From Something

The dream with a bear chasing you might symbolize inner fear of actual danger. A person may dream of being chased by a bear if they are experiencing some kind of threat or danger. Dreams of being chased by a bear can indicate that there is a need to feel protected. You are scared of something.

The bear can represent an unknown danger that is stalking you, which makes you feel like you need protection from whatever it is. The bear could be a substitute for an actual human threat, such as an abusive partner.

2. You Have The Personality Of A Bear

The presence of a bear in your dream as a spirit animal represents your own spirit or character. Being chased by a brown bear means that there’s an aspect of yourself that is very strong, powerful, and aggressive. Bears in real life are so fierce and powerful that people are frightened by seeing one of these animals. They can be benevolent or frightening.

This is perhaps the same case in your current life. It suggests aggression and pride on your part. You have the characteristics of a bear that may not sound appealing to people around you. This kind of personality may soon affect your personal goals in the present moment.

3. You Need To Take Care Of Health

You’re restless and need to relax. It is an indication that you need to start taking care of yourself. A bear chasing you in dreams is a warning about an approaching illness or injury, or it could relate to your health. In addition, an injured bear in dreams reflects your hurt emotion or troubled inner peace.

4. You Are A Possessive Person

Bears are known for their possessiveness—to their cubs and home. They are territorial when it comes to their own possessions. This is a reflection of your own feelings. The bear is your spirit animal, and it reflects your own possessiveness towards something or something close to you.

Remember that too much possessiveness may lead to selfishness and that’s when this dream interpretation may be a warning to you.

5. You Have Primal Instincts

The bear in your dream might be the embodiment of difficult times or a destructive element in your relationship caused by your sexual needs. As with every animal dream, it could represent some part of you—either through your thoughts or actions. In this case, the bear would represent your ferocious side—the one who is wild, untamed and has something concerning your sexual desires.

6. You Feel You’re A Coward  

If you dream of being chased by a bear, it means you are repressing something that needs to come out immediately, as this dream could also indicate some hidden desire you may have. You feel like you are too much of a coward to face your problems, causing your self-esteem to suffer.

This dream is letting you know to speak out your thoughts, be open, and be more comfortable in expressing yourself—be brave as a bear!

7. You’re Avoiding Something

The dream about being chased by a bear, especially a grizzly bear, can be symbolic that you are avoiding dealing with uncomfortable feelings or issues in your everyday life. This could be an inner conflict, a responsibility, or an obligation you don’t want to face. The bear shows up when you would rather run from your problems than face them.

The dream might be a sign that it’s finally time to face it and deal with it.

8. You Are In Danger

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You feel tormented or bullied by someone or something in your waking life. Being chased by a bear can mean facing a dangerous situation or feeling like someone is out to get you and suddenly attack you when you least expect it.

These worries may have manifested in your dream, as the bear is acting as a symbol for your fears. The bear could be a metaphor for any person who is chasing you, whether it’s a close friend or family member, someone you’re dating, or even an employer.

9. You Are Overwhelmed and Pressured

Dreams about being chased generally reflect feeling overwhelmed with worry or stress that the dreamer is having in their own life. If the bear catches you, it can be a reminder that someone will betray you or reveal secrets from your past.

The dream could also indicate that you feel you are being pressured by someone else, or a group of people, who you feel are putting expectations on you.

If in dreams, a bear chases you into your house, you are not at peace in your home environment and are uncomfortable.

10. You’re Unprepared With Changes

Dreaming that you are being chased by a bear can mean that you do not feel emotionally or physically prepared for the challenges ahead. This could be associated with your subconscious thoughts and emotions and a potential physical change from an outside source. Perhaps, you’re planning to move house, change jobs, or do something else that will require changes in your life.

11. A Message To Pay Attention

This big message from your subconscious mind alerts you that something is going on that needs attention right now. It requires immediate attention and resolution to prevent it from getting worse. I’d say pay attention to this message because it’s important right now and can’t wait.

12. You Are Struggling In Life

You’re experiencing a power struggle in your life right now. The bear chasing you may represent some negative emotions and energies coming after your life. If so, make sure to free those negative thoughts. Focus on waking up before things get out of control. Bears are strong, and so should you. Take a step towards inner self-improvement instead of running away from whatever troubles may come into play.

13. You Fear Bears In General

The bear attacking you in a dream may represent your own personal fears about this ferocious creature. Your dream may be connected to a real-life bear encounter, even if the bear wasn’t chasing you in real life. This could be due to a deep-seated fear and heightened anxiety of being harmed by any type of bear.

If this is the case, it is common for people to have nightmares about running away from a bear.

14. You’re Missing Your Fun Childhood

Although bears are dangerous to approach, they have a tendency to be fun, carefree, and cute in their territory. These traits reflect all the good-times experiences you have as a kid. To see bears in a dream, especially if they were being playful, is your subconscious way of taking you back to those good memories and reminding you of all the fun times you have lost.

Different bear dreams:

1. Black Bear Dream

A dream of a black bear represents fear of failure and worry about an upcoming event. You need to confront your fears and let them go.

2. Polar and Koala Bear

Dream of Being Chased By A Bear3

Dreaming about hunting a polar bear or finding a koala bear can mean that you will overcome difficult life situations. This is a reminder for you to continue being happy and at ease. Meanwhile, a panda bear reflects your patience.

3. Bear Attacked

If you dream that you have been attacked by a bear, it can represent an attack from outside forces, such as enemies. A bear symbolizes a fear of physical harm, being attacked, or being overpowered.

4. Female Bear

A female bear or mother bear in your dream represents the female figure who is dominating your life. Perhaps you’re surrounded by females in your home or at work. On the other hand, a baby bear reflects the love of family members for you.

5. Baby Bear

The appearance of a baby bear in your dream signifies the love you have for your loved ones. It’s also a manifestation of how you and your family provide guidance to each other to overcome obstacles in order to survive in life.

6. Dead Bear

Seeing a bear in your dream is a good omen for you. This means that you will be able to have control over your life.

7. Peaceful Bear

Seeing a bear at peace in your dream and not threatening to attack you reflects your independence and solitude in life, but it does not necessarily mean a sign of loneliness.

8. Teddy Bear

This is a reflection of your childhood experience of being misunderstood, and in the future, you will treasure great friendships.

9. Bear Trap

To see a bear trap in dreams may also be a metaphor for being unable to escape from overwhelming obstacles such as financial worries or other stressors.


Bears are frightening but having such a dream is not a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean you’ll have bad luck or anything like that. It’s simply your subconscious mind’s way of trying to convey a message to you, and it’s up to you whether or not you choose to listen and learn from that message.

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Kelly Treadaway

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

I think that explains why I was dreaming about a bear chasing me I got important things in my life that needs to be took care of