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8 Dream of Rats Running Around Meanings

You know the feeling. You’re lying in bed, minding your own business. Suddenly, you hear a rattling noise and feel something crawling over your body. Is that a rat? You don’t know, but that doesn’t stop you from freaking out immediately.

Rats running around in your dreams could mean many things. There are few universal symbols that all people can connect to, regardless of their personal or cultural beliefs and values. If you aren’t an animal lover, rats running around in your dreams might frighten you the most.

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what does it mean to dream about rats running around?

Dirty rats may be another sign from the universe telling you to keep your environment clean for once. But what is the spiritual meaning of rats running around in your dreams?

1. You Fear Losing Your Job

You may dream of rats running away if you fear that you may lose your job or experience professional challenges. As rodents in dreams mean enemies behind your back, you want to be extra careful at work because you might be a victim of evil intentions or gossip.

The dream may also signify that it’s time to find a new job.

Additionally, someone might be trying to discredit you because of envy. It’s crucial to be conscious of your behavior and confirm that you’ve given your commitments the best thought.

2. You Have Dishonest People in Your Life

If you dream of a rat chasing you, it means an infection in your real life, maybe a virus or parasite. Pay attention to your health and take care of yourself in your waking life. Flee from people who want to harm you, and don’t let them into your life.

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t treat you well and doesn’t help you in any way.

If these dreams occur frequently, it could mean that some danger awaits you. Dealing with dishonest or unreliable people requires caution because they can try to use their power over you to gain something from you.

Therefore, beware since they will distract your attention away from them by making themselves look good and appealing by showing off their wealth or power while keeping secrets from you.

Rats are scavengers, meaning they eat whatever is left after other animals have eaten it. Therefore, rats can also be a bad omen representing death which comes after all life has been used up and nothing remains. Similarly, rats symbolize those who die without having lived fully.

3. You Are Hopeful

White rats are one of the most common symbols in dreams. Many say white rats appear more often than other animals in their dreams. Of course, this doesn’t mean that white rats are nasty. They represent a feeling of hope and optimism and are seen as symbols of prosperity and good fortune.

Dreaming about white rats can be interpreted as good luck, and you are optimistic about your life and what’s ahead of you. Dreams with white rats show that you have overcome an obstacle or problem without giving up on your goals. The symbol indicates that you have set a goal and worked hard.

The dream may also mean you will succeed through hard work and determination. White rats in your dreams indicate that you have an optimistic attitude toward life. You are hopeful and determined to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

A dream with a white rat can indicate that you believe in yourself, which will help you achieve your life goals. You know that no matter what happens, you can overcome any obstacle and succeed.

White rats mean that you are disciplined and dedicated to achieving your dreams. The dream tells you how much effort it takes to reach your life goals and how much more effort it takes to stay focused on your inner issues.

Dreams with white rats suggest you are reliable, honest, and trustworthy.

4. You Feel Abandoned

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A dream about running rats means you feel abandoned by family and sense betrayal from close friends. The dream is telling you that you might have hurt them and need to find out what you may have done to hurt them.

For example, if someone who used to be close to you disappears from your life without any explanation, it may mean that you have done something wrong without realizing it and that there are consequences for what you did.

It can also happen in relationships where one partner starts acting differently from how they used to before.

Sometimes people lose their closest friends because they change so much over time that their old friends cannot understand what has happened. They might feel rejected and leave us behind because they do not want a change in their lives.

5. You Are Ending a Romantic Relationship

Rats represent your fears and doubts about your abilities. They also refer to a person who doesn’t appreciate your efforts, and you feel annoyed by them.

If the surroundings in the dream are full of rats trying to escape from you, your romantic relationship is about to end. But you shouldn’t worry because this relationship was built on toxic, selfish love that doesn’t suit you.

Therefore, this dream should be taken as a positive omen. The person didn’t love you selflessly, and you might have considered ending the relationship but didn’t dare. Luckily, your partner realized that you have nothing more to offer in this relationship and has decided to leave you.

Additionally, the dream may be telling you that something is going on in your relationship that you need to address.

This dream could signify acts of deceit, not jealousy. If you have seen other signs like this before, it might mean that something you’ve done has caused your partner to feel insecure.

If this dream continues, it might mean that you are feeling insecure about your relationship, and this should prompt you to talk about what’s going on with your partner.

6. Poor Money Judgments

A dream about rats running away from you means you are making poor financial judgments. The dream is a warning about difficult times ahead if you don’t manage your finances. To avoid financial liquidity worries, you must ration your income.

The warning is addressed to dreamers to alert them to change their actions for financial stability. The solution is to use the dream as a wake-up call and take action immediately to change your ways and become financially secure again.

7. You Are Running Away From Your Problems

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The rats may represent your problems or people who make you feel bad in your waking life. The picture of these creatures running after you means it is time to make a choice and confront the problems in your life.

However, you don’t have the courage to confront your problems. For a long time, you have escaped from complex situations that need you. Consequently, the problems have piled up, making it difficult to solve what was once straightforward.

The dream is a call to solve all problems dragging on in your life.

8. You Feel Anxious

White rats are considered a positive symbol in Chinese culture and are widely reared as pets. On the other hand, black rats represent bad luck and misfortune.

Seeing white rats in your dreams has a positive connotation while seeing black rats has a negative connotation. Additionally, seeing a dead rat or experiencing a biting rat in a dream may symbolize illness or other health problems.

Black rats are a sign that your life is stressful and overly busy. These dreams are a reminder that even though life might be busy and stressful at times, you need to take things more gently.

If you frequently dream about black rats, think about trying to reduce your anxiety. Here is how to go about it:

  • Reduce your workload and prioritize time with your loved ones.
  • Consider your daily workout and sleep schedule as well.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and take care of yourself.

Additionally, brown rats may also symbolize the following:

  • Body weight problems
  • Treachery
  • Feeling unattractive
  • Health problems
  • Guilt

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and don’t have demanding work, you could be perplexed as to why you keep having dreams involving black rats.

In this instance, a person may be the root of your uneasiness. Determine whether you are around anybody who causes you to feel uncertain and worried.


Rat dreams meaning is not limited to helping you relax and fall asleep more easily. Research has shown that your dreams are a window into the subconscious mind. They contain elements that reveal essential truths about yourself and your life.

The spiritual meaning of rats may be anxiety, lack of courage, insecurities, or worries. They also help you process emotions and devise creative solutions to problems or challenges in your life. However, knowing those dream interpretations may differ depending on personal and real-life experiences is vital.

If you have ever had a rat run through your head while sleeping or seen rats or mice as a recurring theme in your dreams, we would like to hear from you. What happened in the dream? Tell us in the comment section!

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