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10 Dream of The Sea Meanings

Life cannot exist without water, and for most of humanity’s existence, we left near the ocean. It makes sense that dreams about going to see or even being by the beach are often seen as primal dreams. 

People often assume that dreaming of seas is a deeply spiritual omen. They’re right. But, what mysteries does a dream about the sea unlock? You might be surprised by what sea dreams say about your emotional state and future. 

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What Does It Mean If You Dream About The Sea?

1. A calm sea tends to be a sign of easy living, though you might notice some boredom or inertia

Sailors have always been thrilled to boat along a clear sea without too many waves. If you dreamt of calmly gazing at a peaceful sea or sailing atop a calm ocean, there’s some good news ahead. This is a good sign that you’re going through “smooth sailing” in life.

Now would be a good time to rest up, relax, and rebuild your health for your next life stage. You’ve gone through a bit so you should embrace the relaxation that a calm period in life can offer. 

However, there is a negative side to this. Sailors also can tell you that a see that’s too calm can cause lags in travel time. The doldrums, as they’re called, are moments when the sea is so calm, it can be hard to actually get anywhere by traditional sailing methods.

If you notice that the sea is so calm it’s actually kind of creepy, you might feel a bit stuck in the near future. 

2. Dreams of traveling by see suggest that you will go to new places or start new projects

Sailing dreams have always been an indication that you will start a new project, see something new, or work on your personal growth. This is an omen that says that you will learn real life lessons, often through experience. 

With that said, sea travel is not always easy. Your life will ebb and flow with the proverbial tide. So while you may have an obstacle or two, you’re going to have to trust in the process. This is an adventure that will make you a better person. 

3. Big waves in a dream can indicate turbulent times with those you love 

Calm seas tend to be a sign of a mellow and happy waking life, so it makes sense that many people see ocean waves as a bad sign for the dreamer. Traditionally, dreaming of large waves and turbulent oceans suggests that you will deal with a stressful situation at home. 

Dreaming of a turbulent sea often means that you will have serious arguments with your lover, your family, or your friends. If you dream of being adrift in stormy seas, it can also mean that you no longer feel safe at home or that you no longer feel “anchored” instability. 

The bigger the waves are, the more likely it is that you will have anxiety about being able to make your home life work. In some cases, it can also be a sign that a confrontation or scandal will hit you in a really bad way. 

4. Dreaming about a tidal wave knocking you (or your boat) down is a warning sign of a major calamity about to happen

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Tidal waves are an omen that is worse than seeing a lot of waves in the ocean. This is a sign that the arguments in your personal life will come to a head—and that you will find yourself in a bad situation as a result of it. 

This dream, along with the subsequent result of drowning, tends to be signs that you will be tossed around by life. This can indicate a bad breakup, being kicked out of your home, or even a major job loss. Brace yourself.

5. Calm seas can also be a sign of good fortune in business

The sea has been a major route of trade, not to mention a major source of food, for millennia. Ocean waters that are calm and filled with life are a good sign of business profits and investments that come with ease. 

If you are not quite at the point of earning money, then this type of dream can suggest good luck in other similar venues, such as school and exams. Expect easy earnings with little risk of failure. 

6. Dreams of collecting shells near the sea are not as happy as you may think 

Out of all of the dreams one could have at the sea, this might be one of the most misleading. Seashells are beautiful and it’s always tempting to scour the sand to find a perfect shell. However, did you think of what those shells really mean?

Shells are the bones of creatures in the sea. They’re the “skeletons” of mollusks and crabs. In a lot of ways, seeing them exposed on the sand can be seen as a metaphor for “skeletons in the closet” coming to light. 

If you have been hiding a lot of secrets or have been trying to do sketchy things behind peoples’ backs, be careful. This is a warning sign that your deeds may come to light—for better or for worse.

7. Dreaming of deep diving in the ocean suggests that you might see something crumble in your life 

Waters often can represent struggle or pressure in your life. If you find yourself deep diving in the ocean, it could be a sign that the dark waters represent pressure in your waking life. The deeper you go, the more pressure you experience. 

It’s not uncommon for dreams of swimming deep in the ocean to also depict how overwhelmed you feel. If you’ve been feeling like you’re “drowning” in the world of your debt, this could be a sign that the break is coming up soon. 

At one point or another, your body won’t be able to stand the pressure that the sea places on you. This can be interpreted as a sign that something in your life won’t be able to stand up to the pressure and demands that you require of it. 

After a certain point, you will have to brace yourself for impact. You may not be able to prevent that thing from falling apart, but that damage control you do will help you immensely. 

8. Dreaming of vacationing by the sea is a sign you need to calm down

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Who hasn’t enjoyed a nice trip to the beach for a sunset picnic? If you’ve been working hard every day, then you might want to listen to your dream’s suggestions. This is a clear sign that you may need to take a chill pill, if not an outright vacation. 

Your mind is yearning for a break so badly, you’re even dreaming about it. Your mind is literally shouting at you that it needs to get away from regular life for a while. What more indication do you need? Book a trip somewhere!

9. Dreams involving murky waters mean that you know you have problems to address

Dark, murky water often is an indication of problems ahead. Something had to stir around underneath the waves in order for that water to get as dark as it is now. The question is, what muddied the water up?

When your dreams involve muddy water, you have a problem in your life that is clear as day. You know what the problem is, and probably know how to solve it too. Overall, this is not the worst dream to have, but it can be a bit annoying.

10. Dreams of being lost at sea indicate that you may feel lost in life or that your love life is ailing

There is something deeply unsettling about being adrift in the ocean without any direction. If you find yourself dreaming about being lost at sea, it could be that your mental state regarding love or life is more or less adrift. 

Feeling lost is a sign that you’re going through a transition. Now would be a good time to figure out what you want and if you want to continue sailing the course that you have been so far.

This dream tends to show up when you have lost sight of your goals, or have reached a point where you can no longer figure out what the next step is. If you recently had your life’s plan turned upside-down, this might be a dream you have.

Last Words

It’s clear that dreaming of the sea can take on many different meanings depending on who you ask and the nuances of the dream. Did you recently have a dream regarding the sea? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

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