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17 Dream of Throwing Up Meanings

Throwing up, whether in waking life or in a dream, is usually an unpleasant experience. It usually symbolizes dissatisfaction, discontent, anxiety, stress, hedonism, exhaustion, and gluttony, among other things. However, throwing up does not always represent evil.

Sometimes, throwing up in real life is a lifesaver. If you swallow something harmful or poisonous, throwing up is one of the best steps to rid your body of the object or substance. Therefore, it may be good to find yourself throwing up in a dream or waking reality.

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Context of Dreams About Throwing Up

As with many other things, dreaming about anything must be taken into context. You cannot get the spiritual or physical meanings of a dream about throwing up without considering the surrounding environment or the person throwing up.

Therefore, writing down every detail about the dream you can remember is crucial. It will help experts to get a complete picture of the context, which helps the dream interpretations. The following are some contexts of dreams about throwing up.

1. Other People Throwing Up

There are several interpretations of dreaming about other people throwing up. One such interpretation is that you must let go of some pent-up negative or anxious feelings from your life.

The dream may also mean there are bad friends or colleagues around you. It may be a sign that you should be wary of such people. You may not know them, but it is crucial to keep an eye out for negative energy or bad vibes from people around you.

At the same time, release any negative feelings stored in you and avoid situations that make you anxious or stressed. Surround yourself with positive energy and vibes to cleanse your aura.

2. A Baby or Child Throwing Up

If you dream of a baby vomit or a child vomiting, it typically indicates a new beginning or an opportunity for a fresh start. You may have issues with your current position or point in life and desire a change. This may be a way to tell you the change you want is coming.

It may be about work or a relationship, and you must watch out for a chance to make the best change in your life. The dream may also mean you have anxiety and stress-related issues, especially if you dream of a baby throwing up. Do a self-check and make the necessary adjustments.

3. A Drunk Throwing Up

Seeing a drunk person vomiting in your dream usually means accusation, deception, or betrayal coming your way. This negative turn may come from a trusted or close person from whom you do not expect such a thing.

It is a sign to be wary of the people around you, even the most trusted ones. Devise a means of separating genuine friends from fake ones and know who loves you for you. Do the same with your colleagues, family, and neighbors. You may find the ones who do not mean well to you.

4. Animals Throwing Up

You can dream about animals throwing up, especially if you have a pet or love animals. Having such a dream may point toward your feelings toward animals around you or your pets. It may also indicate a need for courage, independence, rejuvenation, and flexibility in the things you want.

Check your closest friendships or relationships if you see a dog throwing up in your dream. It may be in your love life, family, or workplace. The issue may even be with someone distant from you, but the bottom line is to reevaluate such a relationship.

5. Throwing Up Mucus

It is not common to throw up mucus, so if you see yourself or someone else throwing up mucus in your dream, it may mean you are in a relationship that is bad for you.

The relationship may be with your family or a love interest, and the best step is to sever such a relationship to preserve yourself.

6. Throwing Up On Yourself

If you throw up in your dream, it may signify personal resentment, toxicity, or negativity. It means you are ridding yourself of these negative sentiments to make room for more positive things.

These issues may affect your health and other areas of your life. If that is the case, it becomes imperative to rid your life of everything negative to begin your healing process.

It may even go outside yourself and come from relationships; check work and personal relationships and end those that may be wrongly affecting you. You may also experience good fortune or ill luck in your relationships, finances, business, and work.

In other words, such a dream has several interpretations, and the context will go a long way in helping you interpret it.

Common Interpretations of a Dream About Throwing Up

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Here, we explain some common interpretations of dreaming about throwing up, whether it is you or someone else.

1. You Feel Humiliated or Worried

Dreaming about throwing up may signify you are worried or humiliated about something. It may be in your past or currently happening to you. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but checking what may cause worry or embarrassment is crucial.

That way, you can fully tackle them. It may be a childhood issue you never resolved or a work-related problem. The source may even be your family or personal relationships.

2. You May Have an Issue with Self-Loathing

There may be one or more bad habits, or behaviors you have that may cause you to loathe yourself. It may be a warning sign to do some soul-search to determine what may cause you to lack self-love or personal rejection.

You may not be conscious of it, but this dream may be a wake-up call to pay attention to what is happening in your subconscious mind. You may also have destructive habits that spiral your life downward or cause depression.

Consider it the universe’s way of saving you from yourself. Release every toxicity from your life to improve yourself.

3. You Are Physically Tired

Throwing up in your dream may indicate that you are physically exhausted. Life can take its toll on us; sometimes, we do not know when to stop and breathe. However, life also has a way of slowing us so we can find the time to rest.

If you feel overwhelmed by the demands in your life, it may be time to take a step back. Evaluate what consumes time and determine those you can delegate. Do not strain yourself but make your well-being a priority without feeling guilty.

4. You Are About to Prosper

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Dreaming about throwing up may mean you are about to become successful. If you recently ventured into any business or project, the dream is the universe’s way of telling you to go ahead.

It may involve some risks, as all businesses and projects do, but you will reap the rewards because the odds will be in your favor. Therefore, do not be afraid to leap toward fulfillment; be courageous and stay ahead of your competitor in that field.

5. You Need to Declutter

Nothing points to ridding your life of unwanted things like dreaming of throwing up. One of the many interpretations of dreaming of vomiting is that you need to be more organized, especially if you are disorganized.

Proper organization helps you plan better and become more productive. You will realize that too much clutter removes your ability to function. But when your surroundings are more organized and have less clutter, you become happier and more willing to help others.

6. You Are Inflexible

A dream about throwing up may indicate that you are not flexible. It may stem from your unwillingness to adapt to change or adapt to change. You may also have trouble communicating how you feel to others, which points to rigidity, not timidity or introversion.

These issues may land you in trouble if it has not already done so. Therefore, you must learn to adapt or make adjustments where necessary to be more flexible. You do not have to do it alone; seek help to make the changes you need to become better and courageously face challenges.

7. You Overindulge

There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself once in a while. However, it becomes a problem when it is a lifestyle. Overindulgence is destructive, and your dream about throwing up may be a warning. This is especially true if you eat a lot.

The key is in moderation; you must learn to do everything moderately. Reevaluate what is important and prioritize. Cut down on excesses and live a healthier life. Pick good habits and throw out the bad ones. Your future self will thank you for making the right choices.

Bottom Line

There are many interpretations of a dream about throwing up. We have only listed a few, but it can also mean sickness prevention, inner battles, pregnancy, illness, growth, or dissociation from things that no longer matter.

It helps to have some context around the dream to help the interpretation. The person throwing up is also vital. Therefore, have as much detail as possible so that an expert can correctly interpret it. That way, you have a better idea of your next step.

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