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6 Dream of Spiders Meanings

Many of us are spooked at the sight of spiders, whether or not they are close to us. It is worse when we dream of it because we usually do not have control over our dream actions. But is it always bad news to dream about spiders, or is there more to it?

Spiders are typically patient and creative arachnids. They can weave intricate webs and patiently draw in their prey. So, dreaming about them can portray your patience and creativity, even if you are unaware of them.

However, like spiders inspire terror and dread, your dream about them may represent hidden fears and anxieties. We will explain all these possible meanings and more as we progress with this article.

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What Does a Dream About Spiders Mean?

There are many meanings for dreaming about spiders, and each dreamer may have a unique one, depending on specific situations. The following are the commonest dream interpretations of dreaming about spiders:

1. Feminine Power

Dreaming of spiders may portray your hidden or apparent feminine power. Female spiders are typically more powerful than males and tend to dominate. Also, they are bigger and have a longer lifespan. These are some traits that explain why the female spider dominates.

You may already have this feminine energy within you, and the dream alerts you so you can harness it. You may feel inadequate or powerless in certain areas of your life, but the universe wants you to know that you have everything it takes to be successful.

However, female spiders also have the behavior of harming or consuming male ones after mating. So, you must learn how to rein that power in because it can become overwhelming. And if you cannot control it, you may negatively affect the people around you.

2. Significant Red Flags

You may avoid certain issues and problems in your waking life the way you avoid spiders if you do not find them fascinating. So, this dream draws your attention to looming red flags so that you can face and solve these problems once and for all.

It may be problems with an employee or employer, or the problem may loom in your relationship. But, if you are always making excuses when it is clear what you must do, the problems only build and become insurmountable tasks later in life.

If you have a recurring dream about spiders, it is a warning to do something about the situation. Speak with the people involved or get third parties who can solve the problems. That way, you can get a fresh start and make amends where necessary.

What Does a Dream About Spiders Mean?

3. Loss of Power

While some people have a fascination with spiders, others are scared of them. This fear can portray your feeling of helplessness or loss of power in real life. You must find a way to overcome these negative feelings and conquer your fear before it blossoms out of control.

You may be worried about specific areas of your life, such as your career, marriage, or family. This worry becomes fear, although you are unwilling to face it. If that is the case, remember that the spider is also a hardworking and creative creature.

Therefore, perseverance is key to get victory. The spider does not fear anything, and you should operate the same way. Otherwise, people may find you weak and trample over your feelings and rights.

4. Undergoing Manipulation

Spiders are cunning and manipulative; they can pretend to ignore their prey while spinning a destructive spider’s web for it. In other words, a spider is adept at moving at lightning speed as its prey looks uninterested in it. That way, it successfully catches whatever it sets out to capture.

In the same way, someone in your life may be a master manipulator, controlling what you do in different aspects of your life. This person can tear down your achievements through criticisms, and because you do not know their true motive, you believe they mean well to you.

Check your friends and close people to determine who has only criticism for your victories. You will only realize your exhaustion around this person and when you do, avoid encounters with them because they are narcissists.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you, even if they have some constructive criticisms from time to time. Doing this will be the best for your mental and physical health, especially if you claim your personal space.

5. Guilt

It is possible that you are battling guilt and do not know how to overcome it. You may be deceiving someone or creating a web of lies that keeps becoming more intricate over time, which portrays the dark side of your personality.

This spider dream can signify how you feel and how intricate the problem is, especially if you dream of spiders weaving webs. But you must find a way to destroy the web and do the right thing about the issue.

On the other hand, the web of lies may be around you if you are involved in fraudulent or shady activities. These activities do not align with your core values, but you have reasons for engaging in them. However, you must decide to extricate yourself from bad habits and make healthier decisions.


6. A Creative Streak

One of the most popular and commonest meanings of dreaming about spiders is that you are creative. On the one hand, you may already be expressing that creative side, but you must improve on it and let go of any hindrances.

But on the other hand, you may be unaware of what you have inside you. So, the dream is like an awakening to or reminder of your creativity by your subconscious mind. If that is the case, it is good luck, and you should take advantage of it.

Check yourself and you may discover how talented you are. So, give full expression to your creative side; nurture it until you become a master at it. New ideas are not bad; you simply know what to do about them.

Dreaming About Spiders: Scenarios and Contexts

Dreaming about spiders is a broad topic because there are many different ways you can see these spiders in a dream. As each dream scenario can carry a different meaning, having all the details is crucial for a correct interpretation.

1. Killing Spiders in a Dream

If you find yourself killing spiders in a dream when you are usually scared of them in real life, it may portray misfortune, disappointment, or bad luck. It may also mean deceit, falsehood, and troubles around you. The situation is overwhelming, and you are desperately looking for a way out.

The dream may also represent an uncomfortable influence over you. This is particularly applicable if you kill a black widow spider or simply a black spider. In waking life, you will overcome this dominance or influence and become truly free.

You are working hard to overcome your fears, and if you kill a tarantula in your dream, rest assured that your struggles are almost over.

2. Seeing Big Spiders in a Dream

There is a big problem looming before you, something you cannot ignore. This dream about big spiders represents your trepidation and uncertainty about handling the problem. However, the spirit realm warns you that ignoring the problem can only lead to bigger ones.

There is also a possibility that you do not know about this problem, big as it is. This is an even worse scenario if you are oblivious to what is coming, although the dream can be a lifesaver. The reason is that you can determine the solution before the problem gets out of hand.

Another possible interpretation of seeing big spiders in your dream is feeling overwhelmed with too many emotions. If you battle anxiety, fear, depression, and other negative emotions, feelings, or mindsets, you must speak with psychologists to help you overcome them.

3. Seeing Hanging Spiders in a Dream

This dream may indicate that you have a deadline or an unfinished task. The task is as unpleasant as a spider dangling over your head; at least that is how your subconscious interprets it.

This issue is affecting your mental health, especially because you may not know how to finish or complete it. And the time crunch is causing anxiety, but you must find a way to complete the unpleasant task, even if it means getting outside assistance.

The dream may also mean there is something you dread, not necessarily an unfinished task or deadline. You do not know what will happen in the near future, but a part of you knows it will not be good. However, facing it is better than ignoring it and living in dread in your privacy.


You are not alone if you constantly dream about spiders. However, while this common dream type is scary, you must not ignore the possible spiritual meaning of spiders in your real life. It does not matter how many times you dream of them; each may carry a different meaning.

This article explains the spider dream’s meaning and possible scenarios. Each dreamer has a unique situation that may pertain to the dream, so there is no singular interpretation that cuts across all dreams. You must have the details that matter to help a dream analyst find the correct interpretation.

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