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24 Dream of Crocodile Meanings

The crocodile causes about 1,000 fatal attacks yearly. Most of us fear them – even if they only appear in our dreams.

The crocodile, being a fierce beast, is believed to be a dream symbol of power, control, and wisdom. And, depending on how they appear in your slumber, they can bring any of these purposeful messages:

24 Dream of Crocodile Meanings1

Crocodile Dreams: General Interpretations

1. You Fear Something

The crocodile is something most of us fear. And if you keep on dreaming about a croc eating someone, it represents the fear you harbor deep inside.

Perhaps you’re afraid to leave your low-paying job because you’re used to it. On the other hand, maybe you’re scared to leave your partner – even though they’re very toxic towards you.

Whatever the reason may be, your negative thoughts are preventing you from realizing your true potential.

2. Bad Times Are About to End

A crocodile attack is undoubtedly scary, but it’s actually a good sign – at least according to the dream context. It means that the bad times are about to end.

So if you’re facing many obstacles right now, worry not, for things will slowly start to look up. Positive changes are about to occur in your life, so hang on tight.

3. Let Go of the Past

Although a dream of a crocodile means terrible times will soon end, it won’t happen if you cling to the past.

So if you dream of a hungry croc coming after you, it’s time to let go of your grudges once and for all. If you don’t, you won’t be able to move on and experience the great new things in store for you.

4. Think Things Through

If you see several crocodiles in your dreams, you need to think things through. You must refrain from breezing through decisions – especially ones that will have a significant impact on your real life.

In summary, you need to take a good hard look at all the facts before making your decision.

5, Watch Your Words

“Words are like daggers stabbing deep.”

While having a lot of self-confidence is good, it can also harm others. This is especially true if you talk without a filter.

So if you often dream of feeding a crocodile, it’s time to change your cocky behaviors once and for all. Your confidence is great, but you should be able to control it. If not, everything will just turn into a show of pride!

6. A Betrayal Will Happen

The crocodile is a symbol of deceit. Unsurprisingly, a dream of a biting crocodile means someone will betray you.

If the croc bites someone else in your dream, it means a loved one will hurt you. But if the animal bites you, it’s a sign that this opponent is hell-bent on taking you down.

If you dream about stepping on the crocodile’s back, this means that your closest friends cannot be trusted. And, if you dream of a crocodile’s tail, then it means someone else is trying to stab your back.

In fact, you need to be doubly careful if you dream of two crocodiles. Sadly, this means that two people are conspiring against you.

As such, you need to be wary of the people around you – whether they’re close to you or not. If you’re not cautious, they may end up razing your image to the ground.

24 Dream of Crocodile Meanings3

7. You’re Being Protected

Although crocodile dreams often point towards betrayal, it could also mean that you’re being protected. This is especially the case if you manage to close the door on a croc that’s pursuing you.

Perhaps your loved ones – or your spiritual guides, even – are shielding you from all those who want to betray you.

8. Help Others

If you dream of a crocodile eating your friend, it means you need to help them out. They may not ask for help on the get-go, so make sure to trust your instincts. They’ll be super thankful for your assistance!

9. You Have to Deal With Immature People

Dreaming of a crocodile baby means you’ll have to deal with childish people. And it’s not just the pouting-over-dinner action, no. These people may try to bully you, blame you, lie to you, and even call you names.

The most important thing here is you don’t engage in such behaviors. You need to be the bigger person here, or nothing else will get done!

10. Your Spirituality Will Soar

Although scary, a swallowing crocodile dream means well. In fact, it’s a sign that your spiritual life will improve.

What Crocodile Dream Means for Lovers

1. You’ll Meet Someone

If you’re single and ready to mingle, then a crocodile is what you’d want to see in your dream. This, after all, is a sign that you’ll meet someone. Make sure to take care of the relationship, for it could flourish into something promising.

2. Your Relationship Will Be Smooth-Sailing

A crocodile dream shouldn’t scare you if you’re in a relationship. It should actually motivate you, for it means your relationship will get stronger than ever.

Although there will be small fights here and there, your partnership will be generally smooth-sailing. Who knows? You might be walking down the aisle real soon!

3. The Stork is On the Way

A crocodile dream brings good news if you’re a married woman. As it’s considered a sign of fertility, it’s a sign that you’ll get pregnant soon.

4. A Love Rival Will Surface

Women who dream of eating crocodile need to be ready, for it means a love rival will surface. As such, make sure to guard your man. Someone else will stoop in and take him away from you if you don’t.

5. There Will Be Some Issues

If you’re married, a dream of a crocodile eating someone is a bad sign for your partnership. It means that you’ll have some issues with your spouse.

It could be a matter of immaturity or dishonesty, and it could end up disrupting your peaceful married life.

24 Dream of Crocodile Meanings2

Croc Dream Interpretations for Students, Workers, and Businesspeople

1. Study Well

If you’re a student, then a crocodile dream should be a form of motivation for you. It’s a sign that you need to study hard, now more than ever. Your future depends on it!

2. A New Career is on the Horizon

A dream of a crocodile emerging from a bank seems weird, but it’s actually a promising sign. It means you’ll pursue a new career soon. It may be something you’ve wanted all along but haven’t had the opportunity to do so because of your prior circumstances.

3. Your Finances May Suffer

If you’re thinking of opening a business, then you need to be careful when you dream of a croc. The Chinese meaning of crocodiles, after all, points to financial problems.

If you’re not careful, your new venture will end up in a lot of debt.

The same interpretation applies if you often dream of a crocodile approaching you. You’ll burn much of your money over bad investments or hospital treatments for your loved ones.

4. Someone May Steal From You

You must be vigilant if you often dream about a crocodile emerging from the water. It’s a warning that someone will try to steal from you.

As emphasized in one of the interpretations above, you must be careful when dealing with others. Remember: even those closest to you may not be trusted!

5. Your Business Will Be Successful

Although a crocodile dream is a warning sign for new business owners, it’s actually a good omen for the more established ones. Your venture will flourish, and you can expect many profits soon.

6. Be Careful of the Competition

Do you often dream about a croc terrorizing another animal? Then you should consider it a warning sign for your business. A competitor will pop up, and it could end up affecting your profits.

Crocodile Dreams and Your Health

1. Take a Breather

If a crocodile is chasing you in your dream, it means that you’re draining yourself.

You’re so exhausted in your waking life, but you can’t (or won’t) seem to stop. You’re ignoring what your body is telling you, that’s why your subconscious is showing you these crocodile dreams.

All in all, this means that you need to take a breather right now. If not, your physical health will suffer in the long run.

2. You’re On the Road to Healing

If you’re sick, then a crocodile dream is a symbol of good luck. It means you’re on the road to recovery. As long as you follow your physician’s recommended regimen, you’ll heal from your sickness.

3. Take Care of Your Health

If you’re an older person who keeps on dreaming about a biting crocodile, you need to take good care of your health. This symbolizes health issues, and in some cases, death.


A crocodile dream comes with helpful personal advice – as well as warnings for your relationships or financial ventures. That’s why you need to take note of the circumstances of your dream, for it can make or break your future.

How did your crocodile dream go? Did it come with a positive message – or an ominous warning? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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