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9 Dream of Wedding Dress Meanings

If you are not a person who thinks about getting married in the near future, having a dream about a wedding dress can be a bit confusing. Why would this happen? What could be hiding behind and in this dream?

And if you are considering getting married, you probably think that this dream must have more than your basic “You want to get married explanation”.

It does not matter whether you do not want to get married and are confused by this dream or you want to get married and want some deeper explanations related to this dream – we are here for you because we have prepared a lot of interpretations for you. FYI, they are not all white and pure like most wedding gowns.

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Dream About Wedding Dress

1. You Are Ready For A New Chapter Of Your Life

Rarely is buying a wedding dress a hasty decision. In order for it to happen, it often takes many years of work and effort in a relationship, a lot of thinking, sacrifices, and similar things.

From all this, we can easily conclude that the appearance of a wedding dress in someone’s life means that the person is ready for a new chapter in their life, and this is precisely one of the interpretations of a dream about wedding dresses.

Of course, that new chapter does not necessarily have to involve a wedding gown and getting married.

It is possible that you have decided to advance at your job after years of work where you were satisfied with doing the bare minimum and just going through the motions. Maybe you finally want to do something with your fitness level that has been making you depressed and sad for years.

In any case, you feel ready, and this dream is just a confirmation of that.

2. You Want To Be At The Center Of Attention

Even though the groom is right there by the bride for most of the wedding, they are kind of harder to spot because they almost always wear black suits, which helps them blend in with the surroundings and not get noticed as much.

Bride, on the other side, is at the center of attention – the white gown, veil, train… It is hard not to notice someone in a white wedding dress.

For this exact reason, a dream about a wedding dress sometimes signifies the wish of the dreamer to be at the center of attention. If you have this dream, you want to be put on a pedestal and be the focal point so everyone can see you and talk about you. It is up to you to do something about this.

3. A Great Expenditure Is Close

Dream of Wedding Dress2

If we exclude certain types of designer clothing that only the richest people in the world can afford, wedding dresses are probably the most expensive type of clothes we “ordinary” people buy.

In fact, they are so expensive that more and more people are renting them for their weddings. Well, and also because everybody thinks they are getting married only once.

Because of this, dreaming of a wedding dress can mean that you will soon come face to face with a big expenditure. Unfortunately for you, it will be an unexpected one that will catch you at an inconvenient moment.

It is possible that your car will break down, the roof of the house will begin to leak, or you will experience a health issue requiring emergency surgery. Whatever the case may be, you will have to spend a lot of money, and you will not like it a bit.

4. You Are Going To Meet Someone Special

Dreaming about a white wedding dress can indicate that in the near future, you will meet a person with whom you will start a serious relationship. They will be the type of person who will suit you in almost all respects, which will enable you to form a strong bond.

You will be great lovers but, more importantly, great friends, so it is not excluded that the person in question is actually your soulmate.

5. Calm And Stable People Are Good For Us

Since a white dress signifies not only purity, virtue, and innocence but also peace and tranquility, the following meaning of a dream of a white wedding dress symbolizes that you have a calm and stable relationship, which can be of a romantic, friendly, or even professional nature.

Ups and downs are an almost unknown concept to you as you calmly sail through the sea called life.

If, on the other hand, you dream of a white wedding dress but do not have a relationship similar to the one described above, you should take this dream as a reminder to bring as much peace and tranquility into your life as possible.

Of course, you can start working on yourself and reducing inner restlessness and nervousness. Still, there is something else you can do: surround yourself with good, cheerful, and positive people because their mere presence will have a positive effect on you.

6. You Want To Take Your Current Relationship To The Next Level

Dreaming of a wedding dress can also mean that you want to raise your current relationship to a higher level.

It is possible that you have been in a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend for some time and are now thinking about a long-term commitment with them.

Maybe you have a friend with whom you have been friends for a long time, and you get along well, so you think it is time to elevate your friendship by maybe confiding in them some of your secrets or start hanging out with them even more.

People from the professional world reading this will probably want to expand cooperation with their business partners because they have been achieving success together in this area for a long time.

7. You Want To Be Happy

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It does not matter whether you are married or not, whether you really want to get married or not, we all know that for the vast majority of people, the wedding day is the happiest and most special day in their lives.

Not only because of the things it represents symbolizes but also because of everything that is happening on that day.

All your relatives and friends are there while you are walking down the aisle, having the time of your life and bubbling with all kinds of emotions.

The ceremony has started, which means that there is no need to worry because everything is going according to plan. You are in 7th heaven and can not believe all of this is actually happening.

Because of all this, wedding dress dreams can sometimes mean that the dreamer wants to feel the way people feel on their wedding day – happy.

8. Someone Will Stab You In The Back

The interpretation of the dream of a black wedding dress is one of the more negative ones on which we will throw light in this article since it suggests that you could find yourself in a bad and negative situation, from which you will have trouble getting out.

When we say you will have trouble getting out, we do not mean you will be in physical or financial captivity. No, that refers to the number of emotions that will overwhelm you and will not allow you to continue with your life in a normal way for some time.

The reason for this is that someone close to you has negative intentions toward you that could result in a grand betrayal or fraud. Therefore be on the lookout and be prepared for anything if you see a black dress in your dreams.

9. You Wish To Get Married

The last wedding dress meaning we will talk about is the one that is perhaps the most obvious since it concerns the dreamer’s desire to get married.

We believe that you are all familiar with the fact that the vast majority of things that occupy our minds during the day end up in our subconscious mind, which, in turn, shows us the same stuff in our dreams.

Although it can also happen that men who are eager for marital adventures dream of a wedding dress, this is not such a common case. This dream usually appears to girls and women since many of them start dreaming and imagining what their perfect day will look like from a young age.

Of course, a big and important part of that perfect day is the wedding dress that they picture. They will even look at models of wedding dresses long before they are in any kind of romantic relationship.

So do not be surprised if you have dreams of this nature. Most of the time, such dreams are just a (weird) replay of our thoughts and experience from our waking state.


Now you know that a dream about a wedding dress can mean you are ready for a new chapter, going to the next level in a relationship or that you will meet someone special. It can also mean you want to be at the center of attention, get married, or just be happy.

A dream about a white wedding dress can indicate that calm and stable people positively affect us or that we will be spending a lot of money soon.

Finally, seeing a black wedding dress is a warning of a betrayal from someone close to us.

As always, do not forget to use the comment section for additional info regarding this topic!

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