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15 Dream Of A Christmas Tree Meanings

Everyone looks forward to seeing lovely Christmas decorations, purchasing gifts, and enjoying the holiday vibe. But what does it mean to dream about a Christmas tree? Does it always have a positive meaning, or can it be negative too?

Christmas trees are symbols of joy, happiness, and a family circle. While spiritually, it depicts the birth and resurrection of Christ, its shrubs and branches are considered a crest of immortality. Others claim it symbolizes the crown of thorns.

But what could the presence of a Christmas tree mean in your dream? Here we will help you decipher the meaning of your Christmas tree dream, so let’s get started!

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What Does It Mean To Dream About A Christmas Tree?

What does it mean to dream about a Christmas tree? Of course, the exact meaning will depend on what’s happening to the tree, so let’s check out the different scenarios.

1. Generally Means Positivity and Joy

Generally, a Christmas tree appearing in your dream means joy, peace, happiness, enjoyment, celebrations, and reunions with loved ones. However, there is also a negative side to seeing one in your dream.

A Christmas tree in your dream is often about your weak points. Most of the time, it represents your inability to handle your trust issues, interpersonal relationships, and even your workload.

Another aspect of dreaming of a Christmas tree is that it’s telling you to let go and move on from the past. Do this to focus and make a better future to improve yourself.

2. It’s a Representation of Your Passion and Confidence

If the dream consists of you decorating a Christmas tree, it means you are passionate and eloquent. In real life, you focus and push yourself, as well as others, to make life better and to enjoy the little things. You stay optimistic, making sure to look at the future brightly and positively, no matter the situation.

However, dreaming of a white Christmas tree means your Christmas with friends and loved ones will be filled with happiness and joy. You’ll be surrounded by love, warmth, and fun. Plus, it symbolizes peace, purity, and a distinct spiritual experience.

3. You’ll Reach Your Goals

If you dream of an artificial Christmas tree with leaves made of plastic, it means you’re dreaming of something in real life. Here it’s telling you that you shouldn’t abandon your goals. However, you must think about it thoroughly and improve your course of action.

You’re dreaming of achieving your long-term goals. But before pushing through, make sure to remember the possible consequences that may happen. Making your dream come true won’t be easy, and you’ll need a little patience.

4. Expect to See a Bright Future

If you see a beautifully lit Christmas tree in your dream, it’s a sign of a wonderful future coming your way. Also, it means good luck and that you’re going to overcome any insecurities you have in your waking life.

You need to keep following the path you’ve chosen to achieve your goals, and everything you’ve learned will be essential in establishing your future. However, remember that things won’t go smoothly. So, you need to prepare for any obstacles and challenges that will be thrown at you.

5. Better Income and Finances

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If you purchase a Christmas tree in the dream, it means you’ll receive better finances in your waking life. Because of the situation, you’ll get to help friends and loved ones when it comes to financial trouble.

On another note, the dream could also mean that you can achieve your goals linked to a new investment or purchase you’ve been planning. Pushing through with your plans will give good news to you and the family.

6. A Reconciliation or Promotion

If your dream has a Christmas tree that you and your loved ones are decorating, it means you’ll experience a relationship or work progress.

Relationship-wise, there’s a big chance you’ll reunite with people you haven’t talked to for ages. And as for work, your boss could reward you or give you a promotion you’ve wanted for so long. Either way, everything will move positively, so keep it up and continue what you’re doing.

7. Another Person Will be Happy Because of You

If you’re leaving gifts for others under a Christmas tree, the dream means you’ll make someone happy in your waking life. But instead of giving them a physical gift, you’ll make them happy by helping them financially or emotionally.

The dream also depicts you as a wonderful and helpful individual who is always there to assist others in need.

If someone gives you a Christmas tree in the dream, it’s a sign that your financial status will get better soon. In real life, you likely have tons of expenses but not enough funds. But don’t worry because soon, things will get better.

8. Assist Others in Need

You’ll possibly do something good for others in real life if you dream of gifting someone a Christmas tree. You could help friends in need or even join a charity to offer assistance!

You’ll realize that you can give others a hand since they helped you before. Plus, doing a good deed and offering aid will make you feel better afterward. So continue what you’re doing and do more good deeds!

9. Forget Your Past and Move Forward

If you’re hanging on to the past, dreaming of a Christmas tree is depicting your feelings about it. The dream means that eventually, you will leave your past behind, though you’ll do it reluctantly.

Remember, the only way to improve your current and future self is by moving forward. Let go of the past and focus on now and the future.

If you’re removing the decorations from your Christmas tree in the dream, it means you’re willing to leave bad memories.

10. Improving Relationships Forcefully

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Stealing isn’t good, but if you stole a Christmas tree in the dream, it’s depicting that you want something by force. Specifically, it means you want to forcefully better the relationship you have with someone.

If you’re married, maybe you’re trying harder to improve the marriage than your partner. While you’re investing so much time and effort, your loved one is not doing much to fix things.

You’ll need to voice it out and tell them. And if your partner still refuses to make some changes, it’s a sign that the relationship might end.

11. An Embarrassing Situation Might Plague You

There’s another possible meaning of dreaming about stealing a Christmas tree. It means you’ll likely embarrass yourself in front of a large group in real life.

The most likely scenario would be you saying something silly due to the lack of knowledge or information. Don’t take it personally if it happens. Instead, make it a lesson not to talk about things you aren’t knowledgeable about.

12. Fix Things for a Better Relationship

If you suddenly dream of a person stealing your Christmas tree, it relates to your relationship with loved ones in real life. If you have issues with these people, the dream means you’ll find ways to fix your relationship with them.

Maybe you were too strict or rude towards them? Or you’ve possibly taken out your frustrations on them, which led to the conflict.

Remember, throwing all your frustrations and worries at others isn’t helping you. Instead, you’re hurting people. You need to relax, focus on what’s bothering you, and then channel all your negativities elsewhere. If not, you’ll lose these people, and you’ll be left alone.

13. You Lack Will and Drive to Live

Dreaming of a dead Christmas tree means you lost the will and drive to live. Plus, you don’t have any plans of getting better.

This dream also says you lack determination, so consider it a sign to focus on yourself and your emotional and mental health.

Speak with your loved ones and tell them what you’re going through. Explain the situation and allow them to help you heal.

And if you sold a Christmas tree in your dream, it means you’ve been worrying about your loved ones’ health issues. However, you’ve been preoccupied with work, and you find it difficult to help them out.

14. Going Back to Your Old Ways

Dreaming of yourself breaking a Christmas tree means you’ve tried changing your ways and stopped doing something that made you sad. However, you’re getting weak, and you may end up going back to your old ways, which will have bad consequences.

If you’ve dreamed of this scenario, take it as a sign. Be mindful of your actions so you can avoid going back to your bad habits.

15. Communicating with a Loved One in Vain

Dreaming of someone knocking down/breaking a Christmas tree means you’ll be talking to a loved one about their actions or decisions. However, this will end up in vain. No matter how much you tell them how bad their idea is, they’ll do what they want and not listen to you.

There’s nothing you can do but wait and see later that you are right. When this time comes, don’t scorn your loved ones. Just be there for them as they face the consequences.


Christmas trees are beautiful and simple representations of the holiday season. However, in our dreams, their meaning can be deep and complex. They can be good or bad signs, depending on the context of your dream. Whatever your dream means, we wish you joy and prosperity in the future.

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Christalia George

Monday 2nd of January 2023

Dreaming of a decease person standing in the middle of your tree with there eyes closed and seeing a man silent eyes closed.