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10 Dream of Eating Chicken Meanings

Although it sounds like a strange dream, you would be surprised to learn how many people dream about eating something! But, of course, it does not mean that the food in your dream is always delicious and enjoyable.

Dreaming about disgusting food can give you much information about your emotional and mental states because the feelings you experience are real. You probably feel the same way in the waking world without realizing it.

So, what does it mean to dream about eating chicken? The dreams of chickens can symbolize fortune, prosperity, rebirth, warning, and new opportunities, among others.

There are various scenarios of this dream, and they can all have different interpretations despite their similarities.

That is because we interpret reality differently, and dreams represent our specific and unique collection of memories, experiences, feelings, wishes, fears, and goals.

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Dream About Eating Chicken

1. New Beginnings

Your dream of eating chicken can be interpreted ambiguously, depending on the context and the feelings you experience. If you had positive feelings about the dream and enjoyed your food, that is a sign that a new start might be ahead of you.

It might symbolize something that will bring you a lot of material wealth rather than finding a new partner and starting a relationship. Maybe you will finally be able to afford something you always dreamed of.

On the other hand, you may be faced with a business proposal or projects in your waking life that will bring prosperity and abundance.

2. You Have an Unhealthy Lifestyle

If you had a dream of eating chicken that made you unnerved, or the chicken did not taste good in the dream, that can spiritually symbolize your current lifestyle. Do you often indulge in unhealthy eating habits? Do you often eat take-out and other fast food?

A similar interpretation can be connected to the dream of eating a raw chicken.

In addition, it can also extend to your behaviors unrelated to eating. Maybe it is a metaphorical expression of your bad traits and habits that are causing you to fail in real life, but you are either in denial or unaware of it. So take this dream as a warning rather than a bad sign.

There is always room for improvement, and it is never too late to start making changes and creating a new version of yourself. Furthermore, even though many of us disregard having a healthy diet, it has numerous benefits, such as boosting immunity or strengthening bones.

3. You See Yourself as a Coward

As you probably know, chickens are generally associated with cowardice or lack of courage, purpose, or will. Dreams about chickens have numerous scenarios and seeing domesticated chickens or hens can be a reflection of your feelings about yourself.

All people have versions and opinions of themselves, and sometimes they tend to be very negative. You might have heard a famous quote, ‘You are your enemy,” and this dream testifies to that fact.

You do not have a good image of yourself, which will cause many problems for you if it already has not.

On the other hand, there must be a reason why you perceive yourself as a coward. It either stems from having numerous fears or having low self-confidence and self-reliance. Here are some helpful tips on how to deal with this issue.

4. You Have Anxiety

Dream of Eating Chicken2

If you had a dream of a chicken that is caged or out-of-place, that might imply that you have anxiety and trouble dealing with stress in your daily life. It can also indicate social anxiety, extreme shyness, and fear of getting yourself in situations where others might judge you.

On the other hand, maybe you are going through a challenging period, or you were presented with a new plan or project that makes you unnerved.

Some people have trouble dealing with changes in their life, and new developments, transitions, or upcoming events might be a source of stress and anxiety for them.

If you had this dream, you probably have numerous worries about the outcomes and whether you can go through this new change emotionally and mentally.

5. Spiritual Protection

The dream of a black chicken implies that you will be granted spiritual protection in the future. Therefore, this dream is a good omen and brings joyful news. If you are wondering why a black chicken or black hen is related to a favorable interpretation, the reason is simple.

The black color has numerous negative connotations. However, a black chicken is often used in divination or tantric rituals, which are powerful tools for achieving spiritual progress and evolution.

Therefore, if you saw someone sacrificing a black chicken in your dream, cheer up! All that negative energy weighing you down and influencing your mood will disappear. It can also mean that you will be spiritually protected from people in your close circle.

6. You Need a Change

If you had a dream of a white chicken or chicken flying, that is also a good sign. Although we mostly associate white color with purity, this dream infers that you need to take control of your life and start a new chapter of your life.

A similar interpretation is associated with the dream of seeing a chicken wandering freely. Even though this dream might confuse you, you subconsciously want to break free and explore your spiritual, emotional, and professional potential.

Everybody gets to a point where living becomes like a rehearsed routine devoid of excitement, newness, and adventure. So naturally, it is customary to yearn for a change or something that will break the cycle.

7. You Need To Wake Up

When someone dreams of a rooster it usually indicates that the dreamer has been ‘sleeping’ on his potential. The rooster anticipates sunrise by crowing, and many associates its song with the start of the day.

They usually crow very early in the morning, and it often wakes people up because the sound is very protruding and loud. So the spiritual interpretation of this dream adheres to this meaning.

The dreamer is procrastinating or living in denial. Sometimes life can get tricky, and some struggle to deal with daily life, obligations, and maybe financial problems. Therefore, it is unsurprising that some of us live in a bubble and refuse to open our eyes.

Although it might sound scary while living in a different reality sounds lovely, you need to be aware and present in your real life. Otherwise, you will miss many opportunities and chances to upgrade yourself and become a better version.

8. You Are Questioning your Self-Worth

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Has something happened that made you question your self-worth? Has someone maybe spread gossip about you that makes you feel unnerved?

There is probably a situation or series of events that caused this changed perception, and now you are questioning your decision-making, judgment, and abilities.

Going down this road can be harder on you and cause you to become reclusive or antisocial. So, how to deal with this? Start by practicing self-compassion, stop comparing yourself to others, and find validation from within.

9. Good Luck and Fortune are Ahead of You

Some people dream about seeing a flock of chickens or even chicken eggs in their dreams, which sounds very confusing. The dreamer might ask why I see this in my dream and what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me.

Well, this dream is a good omen, indicating that you will be positively surprised. Seeing many chickens or hens in your dream suggests abundance, prosperity, and patience.

You will be able to accept your negative emotions rather than suppress and push them away. It also speaks about how you will deal with a new challenge or a calamity.

10. Some Fruitfulness

Dreaming about a chicken laying eggs or seeing chicken eggs in your dream is related to fertility, new ideas, fruition, and fruitfulness.

It means that in the future, a project you have been working on will come to fruition, or you will finally finish or acquire something you always wanted. It can also signify a creative boost or obtaining emotional maturity.


Dreaming about chicken might sound confusing initially, but like other dreams, it can be handy in showing you your current state of mind and your suppressed wishes and desires.

This dream can have different scenarios and, therefore, different interpretations. Still, it can generally signify good luck, fortune, discovering potential, spiritual protection, anxiety, stress, fertility, cowardice, unhealthy lifestyle, and new beginnings.

When you experience this dream or any other, remember details because it can help you get a more precise interpretation.

Did you have this dream? Were you eating chicken, or you saw a chicken? Can you please share your dream with us? If you wish, feel free to comment, and if you have a question, do not be a stranger and ask away!

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