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9 Dream of Maggots Meanings

Maggots are the larvae of flies and usually resemble ordinary worms. They typically live on decaying organic matter or decaying flesh of dead animals. Maggots resemble worms. The nightmare of maggots can be quite disgusting for many people. But what does it mean when you dream about them?

A dream about maggots can indicate that you are feeling sick or unwell. It may also symbolize something in your life that has been rotting away for a long time without anyone taking action to deal with it.

Read on to discover the meaning of dreams about maggots and their symbolism in several other interpretations.

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Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

Maggots are common in dreams. The presence of larvae in your dreams can also signify that you will have a lot of negative feelings about someone but that the feelings will not be deep.

It could also be linked to fear of death and unpleasant feelings of guilt or shame over something you did in the past.

Dreaming about maggots can also symbolize your desire to cleanse yourself physically or emotionally by removing anything negative from your life. This could be taking a break from your job or relationships or ending a behavior such as smoking or alcoholism.

Other Interpretations of Dreams About Maggots

  • To describe a feeling of disgust or revulsion about something in your life that you feel is bad for you.
  • To highlight negative influences or corruption that needs to be cleaned up in your life.
  • To show your anxiety about being covered in something dirty (such as blood).
  • To symbolize a feeling of being invaded by something eating you from within (such as depression).

What does it mean when you dream about maggots?

Maggots represent various things, according to many dream interpretations.

The image of a maggot has been interpreted as an idea of dying in some circumstances.

Below are dreams of maggots and their interpretation. You’ll also learn more about the symbolism of maggots.

1. Dream About White Maggots

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. It means the soul, spirituality, and moral purity. White can be interpreted as a positive omen for a new beginning, indicating that you will eliminate all your negative influences and fulfill your accomplishments.

Dreams about white maggots are usually related to some important event in your life— graduation, a wedding, or any other happy occasion.

White dreams can also be interpreted as a sign that someone close to you has died unexpectedly. Perhaps you have lost someone you loved very much—like a father or mother.

In this case, talking about your negative feelings with your therapist or close friends is necessary.

Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

2. Dream About Black Maggots

A dream about black maggots symbolizes that you have some bad behavior in your life.

Dreaming of maggots means you harbor negative emotions and thoughts in your subconscious mind. These thoughts are affecting your life and causing negativity to come into it.

Black maggots also represent dissatisfaction, lust, hatred, and other negative traits that are difficult to eliminate.

Additionally, black maggots symbolize evil thoughts in our minds. These thoughts are negative energy and can take over your life and lead to depression.

3. Dream About Killing Maggots

Dreams about killing maggots often represent anxiety, stress, worries, or disgust. You may have a guilty conscience that you hide from others or feel that others are judging you.

Alternatively, it could represent your fears of being exposed and vulnerable to the world around you.

You may also feel insecure about yourself and your abilities in some areas. This dream can also mean that you feel like a victim in some way, and someone is taking advantage of you or using you for their benefit.

Killing maggots in a dream means you are ready to stand up for yourself and end whatever situation is causing you problems or despair.

4. Dream About Red Maggots

Many people have had dreams about red maggots. These are unusual dreams and a warning sign of a new friend in your workplace who will eliminate your accomplishments.

Dreams about red maggots often occur when someone is having a stressful time, such as the loss of a loved one or the death of a pet.

An argument or unresolved issues with someone close to you can trigger such dreams. These dreams can often occur because our subconscious mind has been trying to warn us about something we may not have been paying attention to.

5. Dream About Maggots Crawling on Your Body

Dreaming that maggots are crawling on you signifies trouble and misfortune. The dreamer will face some difficulties which they have to face alone.

Some people may try to help but will not succeed in such circumstances. That means these people will not be sincere in their intentions and only want to use you for their benefit. You will feel powerless against these forces of evil, and your life will be full of sorrow and unhappiness.

If you dream about maggots crawling while sleeping, this is a warning sign that your enemies will easily harm you. You can fight back by having faith in yourself and your abilities and being aware of the dangers around you.

6. Dream About Green Maggots

Green maggots symbolize poor health, which can result from bad habits or laziness. It can also mean that you need to pay attention to your physical condition and avoid risky situations.

When you dream about green maggots, it is also an indication that someone is trying to break into your life. Someone wants to take away your peace and happiness. Stay careful and protect yourself from negative people. Don’t let them get close to you.

Dreaming about green maggots is a sign that something terrible will happen soon. It can be a warning for those planning to make crucial decisions or travel far from home.

If you see green maggots crawling on the floor or ceiling in your house, something unexpected will happen soon. It could be an unpleasant event or loss of money or other valuables.

If the maggots are climbing up walls, some unpleasant news will reach you soon from overseas.

Dream About Maggots Sucking Your Blood

7. Dream About Maggots Sucking Your Blood

A dream of maggots sucking your blood is one that you must pay attention to. You may be feeling like you are being drained of energy or vitality.

This dream warns your subconscious mind that something in your life is draining your energy, like loneliness. This dream can also signify that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Dreams of maggots sucking your blood could mean you feel insecure or vulnerable in some areas of your life.

Alternatively, dreaming of maggots sucking your blood is often a sign that you will overcome a certain addiction. This dream can be about cleaning the body, mind, or spirit. It can also represent stagnant energy or thoughts that need to be released for new energy to flow.

8. Dream About Stepping on Maggots

Dreaming about stepping on maggots is a good omen. In your waking life, you will have some problems that will cause you unbearable suffering. The dream means you will overcome these problems and come out ahead in the end.

Dreams about stepping on maggots can also represent loneliness and isolation because you are surrounded by people but still feel like no one understands you.

9. Dream About Yellow Maggots

Dreaming about yellow maggots could mean you envy someone. You may be jealous of their success, or maybe you’re just angry at them for something they said or did. This dream can also indicate that gossip is spreading about you, whether true or not.

It’s normal to have such feelings; we all experience them from time to time. But if they are starting to get in the way of your life and happiness, it might be time for some reflection on what’s really going on in your life and why these feelings are coming up so often.

Final Thoughts

Maggots in your dream can indicate issues in your life that might be a source of anxiety for you. You might be letting these small things fester within you, and it’s likely that you are continually focusing on minor problems.

This could make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Even when there is no real problem, you still allow yourself to be distracted by minor things others do. You should clear your unpleasant feelings causing problems in your real life, however big or small.

Have you ever had a dream about maggots? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thursday 25th of April 2024

I had a dream of being at a makeup counter and feeling something in my eyelash that was obstructing my view.

The lady at the counter went to grab it, and she fumbled so many times. I got annoyed at her and grabbed it out of my eyelash. As pulled it off, it bit me, and left a round mark on my finger, the mark was like and octopus stinger.

The (caterpillar) maggot crawled away, un-hurt. I was left in shock that something so small could leave such a big bite on my finger, and also shocked at what the bite looked like.

The dream was very clear and vivid.


Friday 19th of April 2024

I dreamt of where I saw many maggots in my hand bag, I was killing them and removing them from my bag at the same time.

Obioma Patience

Thursday 5th of October 2023

Yes in my dream I saw a baby girl pooping maggots out


Sunday 30th of April 2023

Wow thank you for the excellent interpretation on dreams about maggots! I had one such dream today. In the dream I was happy to pick up a cute light green juicy maggot and place it on the top of each of my ears. I could actually feel the light throbbing sensation of the little creature happily suckling on my tissue. I was happy about this and was demonstrating the use of this in the dream. It was not gross or disgusting but more healing and cleansing. I honestly do not believe that in real life I would feel this way however in the dream it was pleasant and I know that in medical practice maggots are used for wound cleansing and healing. Would really love your thoughts too or any comments below of other peoples idea on what it means. Thanks!