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20 Dream of Wolves Meanings

A dream of a wolf is considered scary and intimidating by some. But as you try to unfold its many dream meanings, you’ll realize that this creature offers a lot of workable wisdom – and warnings.

Here are 20 of them.

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What Does it Mean When You Dream About Wolves?

1. You’re Committed

Wolves, given their aggression, do not make great pets. But in the context of a dream, this means you’re a pretty committed person.

But this goes beyond love, though. While it’s true that you’re a loyal partner, a pet wolf dream also means you’re a steadfast relative/friend.

The good news is that your lover and loved ones are just as committed to you. Needless to say, you’ll have a smooth-sailing relationship with them.

2. You’re Being Protected

Having a wolf follow you in your dream means someone is guiding and defending you. So if you feel down and defeated, know that a loved one will always help you.

In some cases, this protector is not always tangible – at least according to Native Americans. For one, your ancestors – or relatives who have passed on – are always behind you. They’re here to provide counsel, and they’re represented by a wolf pack in your dreams.

3. Your Relationships Are Growing

A wolf cub dream brings good news – especially regarding your relationships. It means they’re growing and making your life more fulfilling.

For example, if you’re in a romantic relationship, this dream may mean you’ll soon reach the next level (i.e., moving in or getting married.)

If you belong to a social circle, this dream may mean that it’ll expand further and gather more people.

4. Love is Right Around the Corner

An alpha wolf dream is a great sign, especially when it comes to love. It means your one true love is about to come, though you may not recognize them at first. As such, you need to pay attention to the people around you.

Furthermore, hearing a wolf howl is a sign that someone is searching for you too. Opportunities are right around the corner, so be ready!

5. You’ll Succeed

If you have an archrival in love – or at work – you need not worry. This is especially true if you often dream of killing a wolf.

This means you’re gifted with good luck. You’ll triumph over them, and you’ll get whatever it is you want or desire.

The same goes if you keep dreaming about a werewolf that transforms under the full moon. It’s a sign that all your efforts will bear fruit soon. You’ll achieve your goals and ambitions soon, so hold on tight!

6. You’ll Soon Find Your Inner Peace

The white wolf is the symbol of purity and tranquility. Unsurprisingly, dreaming about this creature means you’ll soon find your inner peace.

You may be fighting with demons now, but you need not worry. This evil won’t succeed!

7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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It’s lovely to stay in your comfort zone – that’s why it’s named the comfort zone in the first place. However, you will not progress in life if you remain here.

You’ll be forever stagnant, more so if you keep on dreaming about a caged wolf.

But unlike this trapped creature, you need to claw your way out of your comfort zone. In fact, that’s the very thing you need to do if you dream of a wolf fighting with you.

While it may be scary to get out of your comfort zone, it will make your life more fulfilling.

8. Reflect

If a wolf follows you in your dream, you need to reflect on your journey – more so the ‘dark’ segments of it.

Instead of simply suppressing them, it’s time you tried to learn from their lessons. Doing so will help you capitalize on these reflections in the future.

9. Be More Trusting

It’s hard to trust people – and processes. But if you keep dreaming about a snarling wolf, it’s because your subconscious mind is asking you to do so.

Sure enough, building trust doesn’t happen right away. But as long as you work on it, you’ll feel more confident about your surroundings.

10. You’re Highly Intuitive

If you dream of wolf eyes – and they make you terrified – you should be glad. It means you’re a highly intuitive person. This is the core spiritual meaning of wolves, after all.

In fact, you may be an empath – meaning you can easily absorb the feelings and emotions of the people around you.

As this may be new to you, it’s best to work on it before you put this skill to the test.

11. You’re Feeling Drained

As mentioned above, dreaming about wolf eyes means your psychic energies are getting stronger. But if you also dream of a giant wolf, it’s a sign that this skill will drain you.

While your empathy makes you very compassionate, it can also zap your energy quickly.

So if you’re feeling fatigued because of the people around you, make sure to take a breather. Remember: you need to recharge your soul just as well!

12. Challenges Lay Right Ahead

If a wolf follows you in your dream, it means that you’ll go through a rough patch soon. While you’ll be protected in this journey, you must also do your part. If you don’t make an effort, you’ll find it hard to navigate this negative phase in your life.

13. Some of Your Plans Will Fail

If you dream about feeding a black wolf, you should be vigilant. According to experts, a black wolf dream meaning refers to the failure of plans.

That said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end of the road for you. As the old saying goes, you can always try and try until you succeed.

14. Be Careful of the People Around You

While a dream of pet wolves means loyalty, that of protective wolves bodes the opposite. It means that some people in your life wish to do you harm.

And, if the wolf is protecting its cubs in your dream, you should treat it as a severe warning. These people will try their hardest to prevent you from succeeding.

As such, you must be careful about these figurative wolves in sheep’s clothing.

15. You’re Feeling Insecure

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It’s terrifying to see wolves in your house. Sadly, the interpretation of this dream is just as scary. It means you’re feeling insecure in your own family or community.

Even if many people are around you, you feel your connection with them is not as strong.

While you can always try to work on your social relationships, you can always do the opposite. For one, you can always find people who are similar to you. You’re sure to find harmony in a group that shares the same beliefs and behaviors.

16. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Although the biblical meaning of wolves suggests success, it can also mean the opposite. This is especially true if you dream of a wolf with an open mouth.

Unfortunately, this is a sign that you’ll be overwhelmed by your enemies.

And while you may fail now, this doesn’t mean it’s over. You can still do something to surprise (and win against) your rivals.

17. You’re Afraid of Being Excluded

If a pack of wolves keeps coming after you, it means you’re the lone wolf in the dream. Indeed, this feeling of isolation provides a keen insight into your waking life.

For starters, you’re terrified of being excluded. You don’t want to be left alone, so you try to go along with the flow – even if you don’t want to.

But that’s no good. Remember: sometimes, it’s better to be ‘different’ – than to be one with the crowd.

18. A Betrayal Will Happen

Killing a wolf – or fending a wolf attack – sure feels fulfilling. However, it’s not a good sign.

All in all, it means that a betrayal will happen. Perhaps you’ll deceive your partner, or your lover may double-cross you.

19. Your Spiritual Health is Compromised

When you dream of an injured wolf, it means your spiritual health is in danger. Perhaps you’ve neglected your spirituality, or worse, someone else may be trying to drain your soul.

That’s why you should take note of your emotions in the dream. If you were trying to rescue the wolf, it means you’ll manage to work on your spirituality.

20. You’re Worried About Work

It’s rare to see wolves in the office. But if this happens in your dream, it’s because it reflects the feelings you have for work.

You may feel overwhelmed by your tasks or think you’re not getting the support you deserve.

Whatever happens, make sure to trust your instincts. Remember: this too shall pass.


A wolf dream is scary, but it comes with good news – and bad news too. It may offer protection, love, or precaution, depending on the context.

So if you keep dreaming about wolves, take note of what happens – and what you feel. These clues will help you decipher your dream accurately.

Have more wolf-related dream interpretations to share? Make sure to post your comment below!

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