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8 Dream Of Suicide Meanings

In the past, people said that you could not dream of your own death, but those of us who have lived this traumatic experience know that this is a myth. For centuries, and especially with the arrival of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis, dreams have attracted the attention of human beings.

But what meaning can a suicide attempt have in a dream? For anyone this is a negative experience with shocking emotions, however, a suicide dream has its own language and interpretations.

Join us to discover all the hidden messages for these types of dreams.

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Dream About Suicide: 8 Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation

1. The need for personal transformation

Committing suicide in your dreams is one of the most terrifying experiences you could experience, but you should know that it is a fairly common dream.

Dreamers could interpret it as a bad omen or as an imminent announcement of death in your waking life, but suicide dreams are far from that reality.

One of the most common interpretations is that of an urgent need for renewal and personal transformation. It is possible that you are not feeling well in your life or that you are not satisfied with the direction your life is taking. This is a sign for you to take control of your life and redirect it towards a fresh start and a better future.

It is possible that you are not satisfied in your professional career, with your circle of friends, or with your partner. Whatever the reason, it is important to reach a new stage in your life and change what overwhelms and displeases you so much.

A dream of suicide comes to tell you that a change is necessary and that you do it now. So don’t be afraid, your subconscious mind speaking to you powerfully. Your inner wisdom is asking you to readjust things in your life in order to become a better person.

2. Disappointment and pessimism in your life

These negative feelings can be reflected in dreams about suicide. The good thing is that they are not dreams about your own death or the death of any of your family and loved ones. But it is the representation that you are going through difficult times in your life.

It is possible that you are not satisfied with your current situation and you are letting in feelings of guilt and remorse. It is possible that you have made mistakes or things have not turned out in your life as you expected, but you must be aware that there is always a possibility to change.

What you should not do is let yourself be carried away by negative or self-destructive thoughts. We all have bad moments and depression is a reality that many people have to face.

The best thing is that you have the help of your loved ones to overcome the bad times. Don’t isolate yourself or let bad thoughts consume you.

If you see that these feelings overcome you, it is important that you seek professional help to overcome what is tormenting you and preserve your mental health.

3. Problems in your relationship

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When a significant relationship ends it is always difficult to accept. You may have feelings of guilt or consider yourself a victim of all this. Usually, the two persons in the relationship have their percentage of responsibility.

It is possible that you are feeling depression or frustration due to this fact, but it is important that you learn to overcome all this and let go of the resentment and negative emotions related to this breakup.

The meaning of suicide in your dream is referring to the fact that you are having a hard time ending this relationship that meant so much to you.

It’s important that you let it go. May you clear your mind and your heart and focus on yourself. It will be the only way to heal your soul and live in the present.

Only then can you heal and be ready for a new relationship, when the right person shows up at the right time. But above all, it is you who must be in harmony with yourself before starting a new romance.

4. Overloaded with responsibilities

Interpretation of dreams almost never has a literal meaning. They are the representation of things that are happening in your life.

Before you get scared by a suicidal dream, you should know that these dreams occur in a person’s life, when you experience a workload and responsibilities that you cannot sustain.

It is possible that you are putting a lot of weight on your shoulders and subconsciously want to free yourself from responsibilities or give up these obligations. And that is why that desire is represented by suicide in your dreams.

Pause in your life and reflect on what is causing you stress. Try to lean on others and delegate responsibilities before it is too late and stress causes damage to your health and deteriorates your interpersonal relationships.

Look for balance and be aware that you cannot solve everything on your own.

5. Improve your relationship with a family member

It is possible that you have dreamed of suicide, but it is not you who commits suicide, but someone in your family. This is an alert message that tells you that the relationship with that member of your family is deteriorating and you must do something to avoid it.

If you saw that family member commit suicide, it is possible that in real life that person does not want help. Your subconscious is telling you that you must find a way to help him and restore the relationship you had.

The person may be difficult to help, but you must put your ego aside and offer your help no matter how reluctant the person is to receive it. Trust your dreams, you have the ability to provide help to that person.

6. Physical and mental exhaustion

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If in your dreams you witnessed a mass suicide, do not worry that it does not refer to some apocalyptic disaster. Despite how strong it can be a dream of mass suicide, the dream does not refer to other people but only to you.

It means that you are very tired, both physically and mentally, and you need a break. It is necessary that you recharge your energies and identify what is consuming all your strength.

It can be work, studies, responsibilities, accounts, relationships with your environment, etc. It is important that you pause and disconnect from all that.

If necessary, ask for a vacation and take some time for yourself. As urgent as the responsibilities are, you are more important than everything else.

7. Lack of confidence is draining your energy

If you dream of suicide by means of a knife wound, it means that you are in a complicated situation in your life in which you have been stuck for a long time.

This makes your energy drain little by little and takes away the confidence to walk safely through life. It is possible that you feel lost, without a compass or that you do not know what you want from life and your current situation causes you a lot of discomfort and discomfort.

It is difficult to get out of situations that have gone on for a long time. Sometimes a toxic relationship is very difficult to break. Or you may not be satisfied with the work environment in which you are.

It is necessary that you break with those situations once and for all. Most likely, you have not done it for fear of what will happen next. But if you want to find a solution, listen to your subconscious that speaks to you through dreams and tells you that you have what it takes to rescue yourself.

8. You are gaining empowerment and confidence

If you dream that you are about to commit suicide and you change your mind at the last minute, be glad because this is an indicator that you are becoming more confident in your own abilities.

It is an unmistakable characteristic that you are making progress in your life and you are becoming someone sure of yourself, of your decisions, and your capabilities.

It means that you are about to enter a stage of growth and happiness after having gone through long periods of struggle and disappointment. Congratulate yourself and move on.


As you may have realized, dreams about suicide have nothing to do with death, nor should they be taken literally.

But in most cases, it is a warning that things are not going well in your life and you must take action to fix it. They also express frustration, resentment, remorse, or a constant struggle with unwanted situations.

Think carefully, so you can identify the problem. Take some time to breathe and clear your mind for better inner cleaning. Finally, gather the necessary strength to change what is affecting you and is not letting you have a happy, harmonious and peaceful life.

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