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18 Dream of Animals Meanings

When we dream about animals, it can be easy to dismiss them. After all, we see them everywhere in our waking life.

But anything appearing in the dream world can have an entirely different meaning. And depending on what animals you experience, they can tell you a great deal about your life and what it needs.

This article will explore 18 of the most common animal dreams you can experience. We will highlight what these animals represent and what their appearance in your dreams can mean for your near and distant future.

Dream of Animals1

18 meanings to dream about animals

1. Dreaming about dogs

Dogs are a natural symbol of loyalty, reliability, and chivalry. Dreaming about our canine friends often symbolizes that we will enjoy a period of protection and safety and that those around us are trustworthy. Don’t be afraid to rely on your friends and family in the times ahead – they have your back.

Additionally, dogs are also natural symbols of leadership and courage. In the time ahead, don’t underestimate your ability to face difficult situations head-on. Invoke the dog’s power in the times ahead where you need to be brave.

2. Dreaming about elephants

Elephants are old souls in the dream world, and seeing them in this setting often points toward your past. The animal challenges you to confront anything from your past life that is troubling you and to seek closure somehow. Only then can you move on with your life.

Furthermore, elephants often represent wisdom and understanding – seeing them should inspire you to solve any current problems you’ve been avoiding.

3. Dreaming about cats

Cats are apex predators, symbolizing agility, cunning, and resourcefulness in the dream world. Even the timid, unassuming housecat can represent your killer instinct in life. Seeing them means you will need to become more proactive in life and chase after your desires. You can catch your heart’s inner desires so long as you act now.

Colors can also be quite symbolic of cats. Black cats, for example, often represent mysticism and uncertainty; your judgment may become clouded over a problem. On the other hand, white cats represent purity and clarity, allowing you to become confident, decisive, and energetic in your waking life.

4. Dreaming about snakes

Snakes have earned an unfortunate reputation throughout history, representing betrayal, envy, and jealousy. If you dream about these cold-blooded reptiles, it can indicate that someone in your inner circle of friends is becoming untrustworthy.

Sometimes, dreaming about a snake can also symbolize recovery and strength. Particularly if a snake bites you, and your triumph over its venom, the snake represents an obstacle you will easily overcome.

5. Dreaming about frogs

As amphibians, frogs are a potent symbol of transition, adaptability, and change. They can thrive on land or in water, depending on the situation. Their appearance in your dream suggests that you are about to go through a similar change in life but that you will ultimately succeed.

6. Dreaming about butterflies

Caterpillars and butterflies are beacons of change and rebirth. Seeing them in the dream world foretells that you will go through a transformation and be all the better for it.

Perhaps you’re in the middle of changing jobs or relationships. Or want to modify some part of your life. The appearance of a beautiful butterfly tells you to go for it. Like this insect, you will grow wings and start a new, exciting adventure.

7. Dreaming about rabbits

Dream of Animals2

Rabbits are lucky animals, and seeing them symbolizes that you will be blessed with good luck and good fortune in the road ahead. If you see rabbits on the move or tapping their feet, it often suggests that you will ward off any evil in the near and distant future.

Rabbits often come into your dream in large numbers, and dreaming about a collective implies that you will receive a boon in your relationships. Pairs of rabbits signify improved romance, while a family represents sturdy family bonds that will only grow stronger.

8. Dreaming about bees

Bees are an incredibly communal insect, working collectively for a common goal. Seeing these insets in your dreams highlights your need for teamwork, community, and companionship.

Perhaps you’re a lone wolf who is used to working by yourself. Or you’ve recently had a falling out with a loved one. Seeing bees in the dream world is a warning that you need other people in your life to survive.

On its own, the bee is weak; but as a hive, it is a powerhouse. Invoking in the power of the bee means building better relationships around you and working with people on common goals.

9. Dreaming about dolphins

Dolphins are famous for their intellect, ingenuity, and willpower. Dreaming about a dolphin is a good sign that you will excel in several areas of your life, especially in your professional career.

The dolphin also represents community, as they build elaborate but strong social connections with other dolphins. As such, seeing a dolphin can mean you’re going to make new, long-lasting friendships, or your current relationships will continue to strengthen.

10. Dreaming about dragonflies

The dragonfly lives for only a short time after its metamorphosis. As such, they are a potent symbol of time, mortality, and fulfillment. Their appearance in your dream asks you to make every second count.

The dragonfly challenges you to start living in the moment. Don’t put things off for too long, or you might lose the chance to complete them. If you’ve had a burning passion project or life goal that you’ve been ignoring, the dragonfly’s appearance asks you to achieve it.

11. Dreaming about sheep

Seeing domestic animals like sheep can represent abundance and sustenance – these animals can provide for you in many aspects of life.

The sheep can also represent conformity and changing yourself to suit others. Perhaps you’re blending into the background in life right now. You may also be overlooked often and underestimated. The sheep asks you to stand out from the crowd and make your mark. Let your voice be heard.

12. Dreaming about mice and rats

Although many people shriek at their sight, rodents are very powerful animals to experience in dreams. Both mice and rats are natural signs of endurance, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles in life.

These small animals can live almost anywhere in the world and are resourceful in how they find food. As such, their appearance is a tell-tale sign that whatever problem you are currently facing, you will find a solution soon.

13. Dreaming about unicorns

Sometimes, our dreams will manifest mythological creatures, which can bring their own significant symbolic meanings. Horses and unicorns, in particular, are common animal dreams to experience. Their signature physical characteristic, their horn, symbolizes royalty, purity, and mysticism.

Witnessing a unicorn is a good omen that you will improve your health and pull through any illness or injury you’ve suffered recently.

14. Dreaming about foxes

Dream of Animals3

The fox is a natural symbol of intelligence and planning. By seeing one in your dream, you’re blessed with creativity and can apply yourself to any problem at work. Now is the perfect time to plan your goals, as the fox can help guide you on the right path.

The fox can symbolize misunderstandings and deception, as people often regard them as sly and cunning. As such, the fox also asks you to be careful of how people perceive you. The sudden burst of creativity could provoke or annoy people around you.

15. Dreaming about fish

Though fish may seem insignificant t dream about, they are small animals with enormous meaning. Fish have long been associated with wisdom; seeing them in a dream can inspire you.

Additionally, as a food source, fish represent abundance and sustenance. Catching fish in your dream signifies that all your needs and desires will be met soon.

16. Dreaming about deer

The deer is a natural symbol of innocence and childhood. If they visit your dreams, this can symbolize that your life is well-balanced and that you are thriving. Like the deer, you will enjoy a period of quietness and tranquility.

That said, deer can also symbolize naivety. Perhaps your subconscious mind warns you to become more present in real life and stop taking people at face value.

17. Dreaming about bats

As nocturnal animals, bats have long symbolized hidden secrets, mystery, and navigation. As such, seeing a bat in flight can imply that you may be entering a dark time in life, but like the bat, you will be able to navigate it safely. Trust in your gut instincts.

Secondly, bats are celebrated as the bridge between the living and the dead. Because they fly during twilight, seeing a bat can symbolize loved ones and their presence in your life.

18. Dreaming about bulls

The bull is an animal that can symbolize aggression, impulse, and emotional control. Seeing the bull indicates that you may go through a trying time soon and that you must stay composed and patient. Your time will come.

Don’t let your emotions run wild, as this can lead to acting rashly and without thought. Instead, keep calm and collected, and reserve your strength for the right time


Dreams about animals are often some of the most memorable, imaginative, and interesting experiences. We remember vivid details about them, and they leave us with many questions a

Make no mistake – the appearance of an animal is no mere coincidence. Instead, the animal has chosen to visit you with an important message.

You need to reflect on the type of animal and, using our guide, find out the exact message it is trying to deliver. Examine the qualities of the particular animal to see how you can follow its example.

Invoking the power of the animal in times of trouble is a surefire way of getting all the guidance, protection, and skills needed to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

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