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15 Animals Come To You Spiritual Meanings

You might have noticed that some sorts of animals, especially pets like cats, dogs, and other animals, want to be near you. At first, you might think it is because you are always around them; hence you share some sort of bond. But it becomes a concern when you realize that those animals are not drawn to some people but run towards you whenever they see you.

This is a unique experience and can bring a lot of thoughts to your mind. You begin to wonder if this is natural or if there is any special spiritual symbolism behind it. You ask yourself the question, “why me?”. If animals come to you and you are beginning to get worried about it, this article is for you.

Like babies, animals can smell positive energy in people and want to be associated with such people. This is one of the important reasons they gravitate towards you whenever they see you. They can also smell aggressiveness, whether you have a bad day or are in a terrible mood. This will make them draw back from you. Animals can be drawn to you because you are familiar with them or because you always feed them.

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Reasons why animals come to you

Animals are generally drawn to people who provide food for them. If you’ve been a food source to an animal in the past, they will be drawn to you whenever they see you, even if you have no food to offer at that point in time. Domestic animals often link food with specific visuals such as lighting, shapes, and colors.

Naturally, animals have a powerful olfactory sense. They can smell things from a mile away. So, their strong sense may lead an animal away or draw it towards you. For instance, a goat’s nose is 40% stronger than a human nose. They also have keen eyes. Even if you move near animals after eating, the scent of the food you’ve eaten over some time will naturally attract them to you.

Animals also know if you have just a drop of food on your body. Animals like cats, goats, and dogs might come to you because they can sense that you have just a drop of rice on your body. Aside from food scent, animals might be drawn to you because of your body smell or the scent of other animals.

On the other hand, some animals may be repelled because of the chemical makeup of your scent. Animals are also naturally drawn to people whose energy matches theirs. Most animals like dogs and cats always move near peaceful people. They can also be drawn to you because of the tone of our voice and posture.

Animals might also be drawn to you because they feel a sense of familiarity or special bond, which can be physical or spiritual. They naturally want to be around you if such an animal is your totem or spirit guide. Also, when animals have a pleasant encounter with you, such an animal is likely to associate that human with routine and safety.

Animals can also smell sensitive people with creative potential. They are also attracted to people with healing power and wisdom.

Common animal messages and their symbolism

1. Owl

Many people believe that seeing an owl symbolizes negativity. Seeing that an owl is always drawn to you in real life, movies, or images could mean that you should pay attention to your wisdom and intuition. This animal also serves as a prompter to remind you about your gut feeling.

Your gut feelings are never wrong, as they might point you in the right direction in life. It could also mean that you should act from a place of sincerity and authenticity and embrace your truth.

2. Praying mantis

The praying mantis is a creature that is linked to prayer and spirituality. When a praying mantis comes to you, it reminds you that it is time to bring stillness and peace into your life. It reminds us of the power of peace and finding time for things we love doing.

When praying mantis comes to you repeatedly, it could be that they are your spiritual messengers, and they could be pointing to the fact that you are missing out on a crucial message; hence, you need to pay attention.

3. Snake

Seeing a snake reminds you of your passions and life force. If you always see a snake or its imagery, it could mean that you need to pay more attention to your passion and do more to achieve them. It also indicates that you are entering a place of renewal and healing.

4. Lizard

If lizards or lizards always come to you, it is a pointer that you should pay more attention to your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Perhaps, you are feeling pessimistic about your ability to achieve all that is set before you or that you have lost sight of your goal. Seeing a lizard reminds you that you have all it takes and can do it if you set your heart to it.

5. Eagle

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Eagle symbolizes spiritual protection. If you realize that you always come across an eagle, it means that you are protected spiritually and, at the same time, moving to a higher level of spiritual consciousness. If you continually see this creature or its image, it means you are moving into a new realm of consciousness.

6. Hawk

Hawks are known for their keen and observative eyes. If you find out that a hawk always comes to you or you always see the image of a hawk, this could symbolize that you need to slow down on some actions you want to take. Calm down and examine it more closely before forging ahead. It could also mean that an essential lesson will happen in your life soon.

7. Crow/Raven

Seeing these two animals are generally considered a bad omen. A Raven or a cow symbolizes death, rebirth, or you are ready to let go of something. Seeing that a crow or Raven is drawn to you in real life or in books symbolizes physical death, not a symbol of upcoming rebirth.

8. Spider

Spider is a creature linked with spiritual connectedness and creation. If a side always comes to you, it is an indicator that you need to tune into your creativity. It also symbolizes the need to follow through on any inspirations or ideas you have created.

It is also a symbol that you are connected to the spirit world, and this world is trying to pass a message to you or remind you about your connection.

9. Butterfly

The butterfly symbolizes your need to let go of your thought. It is a reminder that before you can experience an external change, there must first be an internal change. Seeing a butterfly repeatedly means a cycle of growth and transformation is about to take place in your life only if you are ready to let go of the past.

10. Ladybug

The ladybug is a symbol of good luck and favor. Seeing that a ladybug is drawn to you reminds you that you need to appreciate God for all you have and the course your life takes. It is also a reminder that it is an excellent time to push and attain your highest wishes and dreams.

11. Dragonfly

A dragonfly is an inspiration that you are not alone and that your spirit guide or guardian angel protects you consistently. If this animal always comes to you, it indicates that you are on the right path.

12. Fox

Seeing a fox is a reminder that you should see things from a different approach and perspective. If you often see foxes or their imagery, it could mean that you must adjust the way you think and your approach towards it. These creatures might also be drawn toward you to remind you to laugh at little things and seek joy. It is also a reminder that you shouldn’t take things too seriously.

13. Wolf

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A wolf or its imagery reminds you to pay special attention to the people you surround yourself with. It could also remind us that family is the best thing an individual can have. So surround yourself with loved ones and family if you want to successfully make it through your next life phase.

Seeing a wolf also indicates that you need to learn how to receive help from others.

14. Bluejay

Bluejays are often associated with receiving messages from a female spirit guide or a deceased female figure. If bluejay always comes to you, it reminds you to tune into your creativity and keep your creative projects on track. It could also be a pointer to the importance of family unity. This creature might be telling you that your family needs you.

15. Cardinal

Cardinal birds are spiritual birds linked with carrying spiritual messages from a male spirit guide or a deceased father figure. If you realize that cardinals are always drawn to you, it could be a reminder that you are being guided, loved, and protected by this deceased male figure in your life.

It could also be a reminder that you should stay confident and strong in your chosen path.


Various factors may explain why animals always come to you and find others less approachable. The factors listed above play a massive part in why animals are attracted to you naturally and spiritually. You might be drawn to more than one animal; this could be your spirit guides using animals to send countless signals you need to check yourself.

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Doug Blithe

Thursday 3rd of August 2023

My neighbors cat, name is flash, runs to me when he sees me my neighbor thinks I feed him, but I don't, I just pet him and talk to him, the neighbor came over the other day (I could tell)to see if I was feeding him but all I was doing was sitting on the front porch petting him I wouldn't feed him cause it would confuse the cat, same thing with my friends dog it wants to sit in my lap when I go over there made my friend kinda mad so I stopped going over to there house