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13 Dream of Pool Meanings

Have ever dreamed about a swimming pool? You may have visited a private pool lately and enjoyed swimming in it or you’ve watched a movie with a swimming pool. There are so many reasons why you might dream about the pool.

Swimming pools are often associated with calmness, pleasure, relaxation, luxury, and abundance so if you see one in your dream, it’s mostly a positive omen.

Instead of doing a guessing game on what your dream means, let’s find out what seeing a pool in your dream implies.

13 Dream of Pool Meanings1

Dream About Swimming Pools – General Meaning

1. The Beginning of a New Relationship

If you dream about a pool, it is usually a sign of a new romantic relationship, especially for a young woman. Well, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a guy or a girl because if you see a pool in your dreams, you are going to meet your ideal partner very soon.

This dream is vague and you won’t really know if that particular someone is the person destined for you. You may not even realize that the person your dream is talking about is someone who’s already in your circle.

2. Go with the Flow

The spiritual meaning of a pool in your dream is related to a promise of sunshine. It means that you can expect good things to happen to you in the near future. However, you need to know how to go with the flow of life. If you stress too much about the things that are happening, you will end up being strayed from the right path.

Take everything that life has to give whether it’s positive or negative. Problems come and go so you just have to take things one at a time and don’t let yourself be stressed.

3. Clarity on your Emotions

Compared to other bodies of water, swimming pools are less intense. The water is usually still and it only becomes chaotic if you stir it too much. This is the same with your waking life. If you dream about a pool, it means that you’ll have clarity over your emotions and sentiments.

You won’t feel cloudy when deciding. You won’t even have to worry about deciding with the use of your emotions because you are always in control. Make sure that you don’t stir your emotions too much and maintain clarity no matter what you do.

4. A Change in Real Life

When you dream about a pool, it means that a change will happen in your real life. It might be a positive or a negative change, but you can expect life to bring something exciting to you. Well, most of these dreams are positive and there are only a few negative interpretations when you dream of a pool.

For the incoming change in your life, you can expect that it will have a positive impact. You may experience a change in your career or you might see a new romance in your life. There’s also a chance that you will be sent to a different working environment and meet new people.

13 Dream of Pool Meanings2

Pool Dream Scenarios – Interpretations

1. Dreaming of an Indoor Swimming Pool

If you see an indoor swimming pool in your dream, this is a sign of stability. It is a way for the subconscious mind to tell you that your life is perfectly stable right now and you just have to continue what you are doing.

If you dream of a clean pool, this is a sign of love and passion. As we’ve mentioned earlier, dreaming about an indoor pool means that you’ll encounter a new love and this is exactly what it means.

You should also remember that indoor pools can also mean that you are trapped and need an outlet to release your emotions. You need a friend or a lover with whom you can share your hardships and someone who can accept all of your bottled emotions.

2. Women in the Pool

When you see something like this in your dream, don’t be too happy because it is not a dream related to any sexual activity. Seeing women in the pool, whether you know them or not, is an indication that you will be involved in a scandal.

This scandal might be related to women or it might be a different kind of issue that is related to your home or work. You need to be wary of the people around you because they might be setting up something bad that would malign you and ruin your reputation.

3. Outdoor People with Naked People

If you dream about an outdoor pool with a lot of naked women in it, this is not related to any sexual activity as well. This will only mean that you will regret some of the decisions that you will make in the future. You need to be perfectly careful with the things that you do and say when there are other people.

This is directly related to the women in the pool dream. If you don’t control your mouth and your behavior, you might end up being included in a scandal. Before you make any decisions in life, make sure that you think about them three to four times. Think about the possible repercussions of your decision.

4. Pool with Trees and Flowers

Safety and serenity – these two are the best gifts that you can get from this kind of dream. As long as you see a pool surrounded by trees and flowers, it means that your life will be safe and you can get the peace of mind and quiet time that you’ve always wanted.

The surroundings of your pool mean that you are fully protected and your sentiments are safe. If you see another person in the people, it means that your heart is safe with that person. It might be a new romantic relationship or it’s probably a part of your family.

13 Dream of Pool Meanings3

5. Floating in the Pool

What does it mean to float in the pool? If you dream about floating in a swimming pool, it means that you are going with the flow of life. Whatever problematic situations you encounter, you always know how to resolve them and you know how to adapt.

As long as you remain floating in your dream, you will always have an answer to the problems that you will encounter in your life.

6. Dirty Water in the Pool

Dreaming about a dirty swimming pool means that a lot of problems are coming your way. Murky water means that you will probably have to face a lot of serious problems in the future and you will have a hard time resolving them.

Dreaming of dirty pools also means that something is worrying you. This dream would make you feel afraid and anxious because of the problems that are going to come in the future. Take note that the severity of these problems will depend on the murkiness of the pool water.

If you want to deal with this problem with ease, you need to change your habits. Try to avoid things that would cause distress and hardships.

7. Dream of an Empty Swimming Pool

What would happen if you notice that the pool doesn’t have water in it? Basically, a pool with water is a good omen, but an empty pool means that something bad is going to happen. if you dream of an empty pool, it means that are already drained emotionally.

This kind of dream indicates that you are experiencing emotional trauma. It might be because of a death of a loved one or your current partner who broke up with you. This is a way for your subconscious to tell you that you feel empty and something is missing in your life.

8. Dreaming of an Outdoor Swimming Pool

In the dream world, dreaming of an outdoor pool means that you will experience good fortunes, especially when it comes to business. This is a sign that your business is going to flourish and you will experience success in the near future. This would include your business partners as well.

This would also mean that your finances will have a big boost thanks to your business. You won’t have to worry about your finances for a while because your business will be successful enough to support you and your family.

9. Dreaming of a New Swimming Pool

If you noticed that the pool in your dream is new, it means that you will enjoy good mental and physical health. This is a sign of good luck not only to your personal life but also to your future endeavors.

Final Thoughts

Having a swimming pool dream can be both positive and negative depending on what happened in the dream and how you interpret it. Well, if you dream about something, you can easily figure out its interpretation based on what is currently happening in your life.

You need maturity and wisdom if you want these dreams to stay positive. This is also a reminder that you need to focus more on your emotional state.

If you have any questions about these swimming pool dreams, feel free to comment down below.

13 Dream of Pool Meanings4


Thursday 27th of July 2023

What does it mean if you were with someone in the pool? Like a specific person.


Sunday 21st of May 2023


I was wondering if you could tell me what it meant an outdoor pool while it’s raining? Is it also a positive dream? Thanks