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14 Dream of Someone You Don’t Know Meanings

You may have read a lot about how dreams are intertwined with your real life but what if you have been seeing an absolute stranger in your dreams, lately? It does sound a little creepy as if someone succeeded in stalking you in your dream universe. Before you embark upon the quest to elicit meanings out of these dreams, you need to take the context and content of the dream into consideration. Each dream will have unique components that will drastically alter the interpretation, therefore, details cannot be pushed aside.

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What Does It Mean to Dream About Someone You Don’t Know?

So, should you take such dreams seriously at all or should you simply shove them aside? If you are curious to find out how to elicit meanings from this dream that’s full of strange faces, read on.

1. You Are Receiving a Spiritual Message

Dreams about someone you don’t know are often an indication of a spiritual message that you may be receiving. It may appear to be quite odd, but such dreams may be an indication of your innate spiritual tendencies. It is usually believed that seeing someone absolutely unknown in dreams is a hidden message from the spiritual world. So, to decipher such a figurative and hidden message, you will require a certain level of insight into your desires and the issues scattered around you.

2. You Are Going to Have a Unique Experience

Seeing a stranger in your dreams is an omen that you are about to experience something unique and new in your real life. Meeting strangers is undoubtedly a unique experience that sometimes takes a delightful turn and at other times it presents a crooked turn. In short, when it comes to strangers it is generally a new experience that we are talking about. This philosophy applies to our dreams as well! The new experience could be anything, from an exciting new relationship to a shift in career or finances or anything related to another aspect of your life. You have to be observant to catch the signal because it is going to be a subtle pointer.

3. You Are Rehearsing In Dream

When you see someone you don’t know, it could be just one way through which your mind is preparing you to deal with strangers. People who struggle with social anxiety and find interacting with others quite hard are most likely to experience such types of dreams. Your mind is utilizing the sleep hours to present to you a hypothetical situation in your dream, so you can rehearse and improve. It is also a great way to feel confident, especially, if you have an upcoming presentation or another important public event, where you are likely to meet strangers.

4. You May Be In Danger

When you dream of a stranger stalking you in your dream and you have a deep sinking feeling, it may be an indication of some threat or danger that may be around the corner. It can also be interpreted as a warning or an omen of something dark that’s waiting to get to you or simply to hint towards an increase in the negative vibrations around you. However, this doesn’t always have to be an indication of a physical threat, it can be psychological or spiritual. Seeing strangers in such a menacing manner often is an omen of a possible betrayal in some aspects of your life.

5. You Have Hidden Potential

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If you’re dreaming of someone you don’t know, it could also mean that you are not fully aware of yourself at all. It takes a lot of self-knowledge and hours of introspection to gain considerable clarity about the “self” and even then, some people never fully unveil all their abilities. If this is the case, your subconscious may be trying to speak up for you, and dreams of strangers may be a call to explore your untapped potential. It is a good time to explore new skills and opportunities to figure out various things that resonate with you.

6. You Are About to Suffer Loss

If you’re dreaming of a stranger, trying to break into your private space (your room or house), it may represent an upcoming loss in your life. This loss may not be obvious to you right away but your subconscious seems to have sensed the impending danger. Moreover, this loss can manifest as something unwillingly taken away from you, that is rightfully yours. This is indicative of a stealth attempt and violation of your rights or private space in real-life situations.

7. You Will Have New Relationship Beginnings

If you are dreaming of a stranger and in the dream, you fall in love with that stranger, it may mean that you’re about to start a new relationship or the existing relationship is going to take a new turn. This is one of a kind dream and it fills you up with some sweet and sour emotions because you’re fantasizing about something that’s quite a mystery and it creates a tense longing for that “stranger”. It also raises doubts and apprehensions about the existing romantic relationships in your life. If you aren’t in a relationship, it could be the glad tidings of a blooming romantic partnership.

8. You Will Get Rid of Uncertainty

Seeing a dream about someone you don’t know and seeing them die in your dream means that it is about time that you get free from the uncertainties in your real life. The concept of death usually raises negative or uncomfortable emotions, however, when you are dreaming about a dead stranger it may actually mean something positive for you. When we talk about ‘strangers’, it is someone or something symbolic that creates uncertainty or turbulence in your life. So, by that definition if you’re dreaming about a dead stranger, that may be an indication of an end to all the uncertainties, you’ve been battling with.

9. You Have a Masculine Energy

If you are dreaming about someone you don’t know and seeing him/her swimming, it may indicate that you must embrace the masculine side of yourself. We all have masculine and feminine energies, it’s like Yin-Yang and there are unique aspects associated with each. To have this type of dream means that your subconscious is asking you to lean towards more masculine vibes and bring stability to different segments of your life.

10. You Are Having Confidence Issues

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Seeing strangers in your dream may be a symbolic representation of how much have you been struggling with confidence. Such dreams may be a subtle hint towards all the current inhibitions or struggles in your life. However, this theme often has various camouflaged concepts and it is quite hard to derive a detailed interpretation.

11. You Are Scared of Being Honest

Dreams about someone you don’t know are often an indication that you are not being honest with yourself. In dreams, we even experience things that we have been trying hard to avoid in real life. These unwanted emotions or questions may appear as strangers in your dreams and your subconscious is trying to make you face your fears or difficult questions. These are going to be things that you intend to keep a secret but they tend to bother you over time. Having this type of dream is an indication that you must adopt an active approach and deal with these difficult emotions, no matter how edgy they make you feel.

12. Your Social Status is At Risk

Dreams about people you don’t know and seeing them as pregnant may be an indication of risk to your social status. Although pregnancy is a positive experience in general, this type of dream does not bring along positivity. So, if you have been seeing pregnant strangers in your dream, it may be an indication of your social status being at risk. It may also be an indication that you have been surrounded by manipulative people who can easily harvest you for their gains.

14. Your Life is In Chaos

If your dreams about a stranger are primarily about a stranger trying to wage an attack on you, it may be an indication of chaos in your life. You may be feeling helplessness, isolation, and a profound loss of control over everything around you. These feelings are certainly not emerging out of thin air and usually have a strong contextual position. It is quite possible that during this time, you have been undergoing some crucial changes and feel as if you cannot control them at all. However, the reality can be an underlying hesitation on your part to be committing a mistake.


Often these dreams are hinting at deep-seated emotions that you may have repressed unconsciously or consciously. Take this dream as a call to spend some time introspecting and evaluating your surroundings. Dreams about seeing someone you don’t know may stir conflicting emotions, uncertainty, and even self-doubt. However, before you jump to a conclusion or start associating any positive or negative aspects to any such dream, take all the relevant details into account.

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Lady Rosenbloom

Sunday 23rd of July 2023

I dreamt of people continually trying to get into my house. Driving up, pushing their way in. One group of Asians got in and I pushed them out. One got back in , a big Asain looking Missionary type, with glasses, stood in my doorway with her hands crossed below her navel, and said "bad, bad,bad", as she waved one hand back and forth. Afterwhich, crowds of people continued to try to get in my house. I had a friend visiting who speaks French fluently. I kept asking her to speak French and ask why are they trying to get in my house. I continued to push them out. Then two white guys came dressed with orange and black jackets, sat down on a cement railing by the door, with big grins on their face. I asked them why were they here. They said they were here for the sex. I put them out. Then a black family and their friends came to offer help. To pray. They heard and saw the traffic of people. But they would not come in. They stood outside of the house leaning and lined up on the front right side of the house. Then a loud carmel colored black woman drove in my drive and kept yelling something out of her car window. Then my landlord's wife/secretary/girlfriend. (They're not married, but live together as husband and wife), came out of her house, next door. I asked my friend to speak to her in French and tell her what's happening. As we were out the door, the lady in the car slipped in the house. I caught her leaving. I asked what was she doing? I looked behind my door, there was a parcel of ground, the same place where the cement bench railing is, she had buried something. It was oblong and had white/maybe rocks lined around it. I noticed another burial spot I had seen in a earlier dream, but I can't remember anymore about that burial spot. The total size for both spots 2ft×4ft. Situated behind my door. As I rushed the black lady out of my door, I got a good look at her; bug brown eyes, pageboy haircut and Carmel colored skin. Afterwards I immediately woke up, and said "somebody is trying to work a root on me. Somebody is using witchcraft." I rebuked it and Googled my dream, and found you.