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10 Dream of Dolls Meanings

For some, dolls are utterly adorable while others find them creepy. Despite its mixed reputation, dolls are no doubt a favorite among children―and even for art collectors. And if you have a close connection with these playthings, there’s a high chance of dreaming about dolls at night or during your afternoon nap.

But as fascinating dreams are, you may dream of dolls even if you are not fond of them. So, what does it mean when you dream of these small human-like figures?

Dream of Dolls 2

The General Meaning of Doll Dreams

Dolls have generally been used as playthings since 200 BC. There have been traces of pottery dolls from the ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt. Aside from being used as play pretend, dolls are also considered pivotal objects for traditional religious rites.

And when your subconscious mind molds stories of dolls while you are asleep, it could be associated with the emotions of your inner self. It may also be a sign of a certain happening in your waking life that lead to a positive or negative experience, depending on the elements of your dream.

Different Interpretations When You Dream of a Doll

1. You are expecting some joyous events.

Dreaming of beautiful dolls often happens when you are overly happy because of possible opportunities. If you’ve been waiting for a long time to conceive, this dream gives you hope as it could also be a sign of pregnancy! Discuss with your partner and express your feelings freely.

These could also be related to your personal pursuits like a romantic affair with a new acquaintance or some blissful moments with your loved ones. So, if you have been struggling for the past days or months, this dream is like a breath of fresh air, reminding you of the beauty of life.

2. You may be in trouble―so prepare yourself!

Dolls are artistic representations of humans. These are carefully crafted, connecting each body part to perfection. And when these are broken, whether in real life or in a dream, it causes heartbreak and disappointment.

And just like the emotions that it conveys, dreaming of a broken doll is somehow associated with bad luck. There might be looming trouble in your personal relationships or you are having a hard time in general. Because of these worries, a certain aspect of your inner self might be affected.

When dealing with problems, it’s best that you take immediate action to avoid issues from piling up. Try to identify the main cause and evaluate your choices properly.

3. You are full of insecurities and doubts.

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While dolls are famous playthings, these were also widely acknowledged during ancient times to cast a spell on a person. Without the emotions of a real human, dolls sometimes serve as a vessel for demons.

And of course, evil dolls have been portrayed in mainstream movies like the infamous Chucky and Annabelle. When these killer dolls exist in your dream, it indicates that you are clothed with negative energies, from worries to self-doubts and a lot more.

This dream acts as a wake-up call for you to appreciate yourself more. Know that your emotions are valid and it’s okay to feel sad and lonely. When you learn how to give credit to your feelings―whether good or bad―you are more likely to make better decisions for your well-being.

4. You are attracted to someone (finally!)

Barbie dolls are typical representations of what people perceive as beautiful. It highlights the elements of so-called beauty standards, from a good-looking face to a slender body. And if this attractive figure appears in your dream, it could mean that cupid has hit you with his famous arrow!

Dreaming of a barbie doll indicates your admiration for someone you already know or you have just met. It could mean that you are attracted to a person―physically or emotionally. And if you’re still in denial, make this an excellent sign to level up your relationship!

Spend quality time together and set up dates that can help you learn more about each other. Make an effort to express your interest and communicate your feelings so you can assess if you are fit for one another.

5. You are betrayed by someone dear to you.

Instead of a barbie doll, you dreamt of a voodoo doll or a rubbery doll―what does it mean? It signifies possible betrayal from persons you know. They are determined to slander and tarnish your reputation. Therefore, be on the lookout for individuals who are studying your ways just to bring you down.

Keep a close eye on “fake friends” who are masters at manipulating you with good deeds. They can easily capitalize on your tenderness to take advantage of your feelings. So, don’t fall for their flowery compliments, and be critical of the people you let into your lives.

6. You are not ready to have kids.

Baby dolls, on the other hand, give emphasis to your fears of taking care of a child. Perhaps you are not ready to deal with this rather life-changing moment. Well, parenthood is such a great responsibility that needs utmost preparation and concentration.

While there’s no exact method how to prepare for this blissful opportunity, you can assess your current situation. Are you in a rock-solid relationship with your partner? Do you have enough financial resources to nurture a child?

Raising a child can be very overwhelming, and it may bring drastic changes to both partners’ personae in general. But once you learn how to accept the beauty of all the uncertainties, perhaps raising one isn’t as bad as you think!

Meanwhile, if in your dream, you are playing with a baby doll, then it means you are ready to take on new responsibilities. It signifies your willingness to grow as a person and deal with more challenging tasks.

7. You have lingering feelings about your childhood.

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Doll dreams are also related to certain childhood memories. It could be a happy recollection or a painful past that you can’t seem to forget. And if this particular dream is generally wrapped in sadness, it is an indication that you need to confront your past.

It may be a difficult thing, especially if it’s a great loss that continues to create a void in your waking life. Just take one step at a time and acknowledge that the feelings of loneliness still exist. Being vulnerable helps you heal, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

In addition, the doll figure that appeared in your subconscious mind conveys your innocence. It symbolizes a static event in your life that stems from your inner child behaviors, impeding your personal growth and stream of possible opportunities.

8. You are going through a difficult period.

Life can be very exhausting with all its uncertainties and trying times. And if a bleeding doll emerges in your dream, it’s an indication of your mounting stress that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It could be a heavy quandary within your family or adversity with your partner.

This dream empowers you to look at the bright side of life. Don’t keep the problem to yourself or else you’ll be fed up with overflowing emotions that you can’t merely catch up with. Get help if needed and try to talk to your loved ones.

9. You need to revert your focus to your main goals!

There may be challenges along the way that would hinder your growth. But if you dream of a wooden doll, this serves as a reminder to bring your focus back to what you actually need. Stop spending too much time on unnecessary stuff and learn how to manage your time properly.

If you’re having a hard time getting back on track, try to recall your main intention. What do you want to achieve? Why do you need to accomplish them? Once you have a definite answer, you may stick to your objectives or make amends accordingly. You can also ask for help, and remember to be kind to yourself.

10. You are naïve and easily taken advantage of by people.

How about dreaming of a talking doll? It represents your naivety about important things. As a result, people are exploiting your innocence to their advantage. So, with this dream, maybe it’s time to level up and show your mature side. Become a role model instead of a follower.

Manning up may be a tough challenge in your life, but this can help in nurturing your skills. So, don’t be afraid of change and accept the possible criticisms. Once you have polished your maturity, it’s easy for you to make big decisions in the future.


Dreaming of a doll may bring you happiness as soon as you wake up or it could also cause nightmares. But since you already know of the possible interpretations of this particular dream, this makes you at ease so you can reflect on your thoughts sensibly.

And just a gentle reminder―don’t take dreams too seriously. It’s much better if you act upon your goals in life than just depend on your luck on the vague fragments and stories of your subconscious mind.

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Wednesday 14th of June 2023

In my dream I went to a yard because my school teacher said that everyone will be a part of a new circus group. I was thinking of how terrible it will be to join a circus. There was a cupboard in the yard but there were small flowers in it instead of cups. I wanted to take those flowers but a boy I know from pottery classes began picking the flowers from the yard, so I did the same. Then I started to make a doll out of these flowers for the new circus group. When I went and showed them my doll, they said it’s not good and I looked at the doll to see it was made of yellow canary feathers and it was ruined. I am a student and I own canaries.